Taylor Hollingsworth is a man to watch.

Onstage, he is reservedly seductive.  But damn, can he play guitar.  You just need to watch him.

Also, tonight I realized that I am not a fangirl, and I do not get starstruck.  I probably realized this after Man Man.  When I see someone “famous,” I do not scream.  When I meet someone famous, I do not scream.  In fact, I simply don’t talk.  This isn’t because I’m stricken, but it’s more because my shyness takes on again.  I guess with people who have to deal with people like me all day, I can be myself.  But a “famous” person?  I don’t particuarly care about “famous” people more than I care about anyone else, and let’s face it.  They don’t care about me.

So when Conor Oberst unbuttoned his shirt, I did not have an orgasm.  When Taylor Hollingsworth looked in my direction (though likely not at me), I did not scream or really react, except by looking back and offering a reassurring half-smile and then looking away.  I do not want to suck the dicks of famous musicians.  Know why?  I wouldn’t be the first, and I wouldn’t be the last, and I wouldn’t matter.  That’s why.

Man Man made me skeptical.

Also, Ben Kweller played “Sundress.”  I think that was the highlight of the night for me, even if he did look like a 90s motorcycle gang member or my dad (attire).  Taylor Hollingsworth made the Mystic Valley Band worth it.  Actually, all the guys in the band were great.  Jason Boesel, Macey Taylor (he was a cool, nice-seeming guy who kept smiling), Nik Freitas, and Nate Walcott (who I couldn’t really see…).  Conor Oberst was cool to watch, but I would have preferred Bright Eyes.  And fangirls who yell stupid things during silences like, “YOU’RE SO SEXY CONOR!!!!!!!!111!!!one!!!!” ruin it for everyone.  Really.

12 November, 2008, 1136 am
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I’m a depressed/depressing individual lately.  It’s not even for any specific reason.  Earlier this year, I broke down because I missed my family and home-friends, but I guess now you could say I’ve hardened a little.  I’m not even scared anymore.  I am almost begging for someone to jump out of the bushes and grab me so I’ll have the opportunity to hit them with Catch-22 and my Virgina Book Company [sic] water bottle.  It would at least give me something interesting to talk about, or something to be happy for.  I lived.  You know?  Almost, not quite, because I’m not entirely certain how well I could defend myself.  I’m thinking of taking a self-defense class.  It seems the more interesting stories I acquire, the more boring I become myself.  It seems that way.

And I can’t really look in the mirror anymore either.  It’s not because I think I’m ugly.  I just don’t like to look at myself.  Then I’ll start criticizing.  I’m not very attractive lately, though.  My bangs are too short and my hair is being weighed down, which makes my face look weird.  I’ve been thinking of getting shorter layers in my hair.  I’ve also been thinking about getting my nose pierced on the left or right side (I don’t really care, but I need to think before I act), but if I can barely handle the pain of a renegade pimple inside of or on my nose, I think I’d pass out while consenting to pass a needle through the cartilige.  I’m researching.  Also, I’m hesistant because I don’t want a dimple on my nose if I decide to let it close up for whatever reason.  I don’t see myself doing that.  If I go through with it, I’ll do everything in my power to retain it.  I mean, it makes me woozy just thinking about it, kind of.

Keep in mind that I’ve never even had my ears pierced.

I am also under the serious impression that maybe…if I had more control over my fluid body motions, or if I just had longer, more slender fingers, people would take me more seriously.  I realize that my hand motions make me look really clumsy and unfluid.  Graceless.  So I’ve been trying to restrain all of these unconscious hand motions that I make.  It would all look better if just kept my hands at my side, but for some reason, when I’m really passionate about whatever I’m talking about, my hands fly around and around, and I barely notice them in trying to emphasize my point.  It’s only when I’m standing in front of a mirror that I realize that I am a ridiculous being.

Sundress | Ben Kweller
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10 November, 2008, 432 pm
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I need to share this.

Today, I eight books.

Running With Scissors ($14.00)
Fast Food Nation ($14.95)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass ($4.95)
Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress ($12.95)
Girl, Interrupted ($12.00)
Reading Lolita in Tehran ($13.95)
The Snobs ($3.00)
Seedfolks ($5.99)

I also bought five CDs, which you can round to about $10 apiece).

When We Break by Cursive
by Fiona Apple
When The Pawn
by Fiona Apple
The Alternative to Love
by Brendan Benson
A Paste Magazine DVD Sampler

And it sounds like I spent a lot of money.  Over $100, that’s a lot of money.

There was a book sale at the library, though, and I got all of this quality stuff that I’ve been eyeing for a long time for let’s see.  $0.75 for the first six books.  $0.50 for the last two books.  $1.00 for each CD.  So I believe it was $10.50 altogether.  I think that was way worth it.

Also, don’t argue with me on the “freeness” of the Paste Magazine sampler.  If I’d bought the magazine with the CD, it would have cost me upwards of $3.00, I think.  I got a bargain today.

EDIT: Way up there, I meant to say, “Today, I bought eight books.”  The comments were just too good, though.  I want people to be able to follow them.

8 November, 2008, 1117 pm
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God, I love a woman who has to play violin to clear her head.

5 November, 2008, 1256 am
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Lost my voting virginity.  The ladies who helped me at the polls were so nice and so excited to help me.  It was an A+ experience.

I ate lunch with Errkuh at Whole Foods, which was awesomely vegan.  We went to Starbucks and I got a free black coffee (it was free…) but wouldn’t pay forty cents for soymilk, because Starbucks hates vegans.  Fuck Starbucks.  I put in like 3 gallons of sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Then I went home and went to class and shit, and thennn I went to the gym.

I felt so good at the gym.  So good.  And then I came home and just before I got on the elevator, this girl skipped in and alerted everyone that Obama won.  And then everyone started yelling and screaming happily.

I love VCU.

Also, I want the youth voter stats.


Here is why I hate Pokémon.

It takes over your life.

Yesterday was Halloween.

So I have yet to get “crunk.”  Since I got to college, everything has been relatively tame.  I have been to two concerts–Land of Talk/Broken Social Scene (with, of course, Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, and the Apostle of Hustle) and then Tim Fite/Man Man.  And my friends and I were invited backstage at the Tim Fite/Man Man one, but everyone thought we were lame because we wouldn’t get naked, jump around in the hot tub, and fuck them in the hot tub/shower/sauna.  In fact, it was just really awkward and I think it would have been less so if there were maybe more than five/six girls and one male.  Because the only male who really associated with us was Tim Fite’s secondhand man, Leroy.  I would like to give credit to the bearded man in the mint-coloured shirt who brought us towels and water, though, for when we wouldn’t take off our clothes in the sauna.  He seemed like he was trying to help Leroy out, but he also seemed to understand that we were just naive people sucked into a weird situation where we were pretty much expected to drop our pants.

I know I shouldn’t base my college career around my ability to get “crunk.”  It doesn’t matter, as I’m here to focus on my grades.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t particularly want to.  It would be acceptable in an intimate setting with close friends.

Just, last night was fun.  I mean, Jaimie and I put on our costumes (she was a lumberjack and I was an effeminate gnome whose mentor was obviously David the Gnome) and went out to eat at the Village.  And then we rented Donnie Darko and watched it in my room.  And then I fell asleep during the movie and Jaimie probably got mad because she hates sleeping people.

We didn’t get crunk like everyone else at VCU, though.  We had no parties to attend.

I’m wearing my gnome hat right now.

Another blog-related update.  Ummmm, I’ve decided that I’m going to write more third-person stories when I can.  I would call them fiction, but they mostly won’t be fiction.  Thus, I can’t call them microfiction either, so until I find a better name for them, they are stories and microstories, seeing as they’re not very long at all.  My purpose is the analysis of people.  It’s purely for fun.  But I do know that most of you only come here for music.