20 May, 2009, 139 pm
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I hope I never become pretentious.

14 May, 2009, 555 pm
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I sat down and watched the Sigur Rós documentary, Heima.  It stands next to the novel, Everything Is Illuminated as one of my favourite works.  I find the two comparable somehow.

Yeah, that would be the best place to grow up.


I’m reading The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2003.  I wanted to share this passage from Michael Buckley’s piece entitled “The Meticulous Grove of Black and Green”.  It’s one of the saddest passages I’ve ever read.

Carrie comes and I can see her from far away walking over hills of grass, holding bags of food in her hands.  She’s watching her feet and places them very carefully on the grass.  The jacket she’s wearing is blown open by the wind and it plasters her clothes to her body as if they were wet.  She’s so much fatter than she used to be, I think.

Tomorrow, I will bike to the river and just chill out there all day.

5 May, 2009, 403 pm
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I would dig it.

“Starbucks is a crock of shit. I’ll make us a pot of loose leaf Camel Meal blended with loose Black tea, White tea, and a tsp of honey. We’ll kick it and watch a Woody Allen film and just be artsy as shit. I don’t think I can stand this college town anymore.”

You can find the post here.

4 May, 2009, 1132 am
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I am going home soon.  I have two finals tomorrow.  The next day, I’m back in Lewisburg.  It’s so sudden.  It feels like I don’t even get a chance to wrap up.

I think that Metric’s new album, Fantasies, is perfect.

I have nothing significant to report today.  I’ve been having strange and vivid dreams lately.  Three-part ones.