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So The Perks of Being a Wallflower is amazing, and I have to write down this one part that meant so much to me.

To tell you the truth, I love Sam.  It’s not a movie kind of love either.  I just look at her sometimes, and I think she is the prettiest and nicest person in the whole world.  She is also very smart and fun.  I wrote her a poem after I saw her in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I didn’t show it to her because I was embarrassed.  I would write it out for you, but I think that would be disrespectful to Sam.

The thing is that Sam is now going out with a boy named Craig.

Craig is older than my brother.  I think he may even be twenty-one because he drinks red wine.  Craig polays “Rocky” in the show.  Patrick says that Craig is “cut and hunky.”  I do not know where Patrick finds his expressions.

But I guess that he’s right, Craig is cut and hunky.  He also is a very creative person.  He’s putting himself through the Art Institute here by being a male model for JCPenney catalogs and things like that.  He likes to take photographs, and I’ve seen a few of them, and they are very good.  There is this one photograph of Sam that is just beautiful.  It would be impossible to describe how beautiful it is, but I’ll try.

If you listen to the song “Asleep,” and you think about those pretty weather days that make you remember things, and you think about the prettiest eyes you’ve known, and you cry, and the person holds you back, then I think you will see the photograph.

I want Sam to stop liking Craig.

Now, I guess maybe you think that’s because I am jealous of him.  I’m not.  Honest.  It’s just that Craig doesn’t really listen to her when she talks.  I don’t mean that he’s a bad guy because he’s not.  It’s just that he always looks distracted.

It’s like he would take a photograph of Sam, and the photograph would be beautiful.  And he would think that the reason the photograph was beautiful was because of how he took it.  If I took it, I would know that the only reason it’s beautiful is because of Sam.

I just think it’s bad when a boy looks at a girl and thinks that the way he sees the girl is better than the girl actually is.  And I think it’s bad when the most honest way a boy can look at a girl is through a camera.  It’s very hard for me to see Sam feel better about herself just because an older boy sees her that way.

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I have told the story of my first day of school many times, and I will probably repeat it many more times.  Essentially, lunch was awkward and people sung “Happy Birthday” to me twice.  Most tried to figure out my family tree; I have two cousins, a sister, and an aunt at the high school alone.  And Eric thinks he’s family.  My initial evaluation was correct:  People at Lewisburg are quite kind, but not necessarily friendly.  It makes me uncomfortable that they invite me along but I constantly have to listen to inside jokes and topics of which I have no knowledge.  I’m sure I’ll learn to fit in, and then I always have my freshman friends, who I consider my best friends.  My freshman friends make people feel comfortable because they’re naive and nimble.  Even I know how to make people feel comfortable.  Ask questions, make people laugh.  Be open.  It builds relationships.  I just feel like I’m at the disadvantage because not only am I afraid of speaking to people, but I am also new.  I have found at least two other people similar to myself already.  One of them is a mite more open than I am but also more mysterious, and one of them is just like I was in math class last year.  I will make friends with him because I don’t think I could bare to let someone undergo the same sort of pressure.

For my birthday, I received money from grandparents and an iPod alarm clock and The Sims 2 Seasons from my father.  Seasons is excellent.  From Derek, I received two books and a CD.  The CD was Kill Them With Kindness, which is tender and soft and amazing.  The books are “Nothing Feels Good” by Andy Greenwald, a favourite author of mine, and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky.  I haven’t started the former, but the latter leaves me at a loss for words.  It’s just the type of book I love.  I find myself crying at touching aspects because I can relate, but I think that some boys might cry for Charlie, too.  I will be sure to write a full review when I’m done with it, but it’s already a favourite.  Phelan and I will do a book swap, I think, when I’m finished, and I have to read “Johnathon Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach.  I haven’t been able to get my hands on a well-written review of the book, so when I’m finished, I’ll pen my feelings.  I will probably cry, but book crying has a good, purposeful feeling.

28 August, 2007, 623 am
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Upon listening to Under the Blacklight wayyyy too many times over the past week, I feel that I can make a proper evaluation.

1. Silver Lining
I never felt so wicked/As when I willed our love to die
When I initially heard this song, I was more than pleased. It sounds like something off of Rabbit Fur Coat, complete with the Watson Twins (though of course, they’re not on this track). The vibe is perfect. The guitar gets to be a little…I don’t know…funky (but in the best of manners), and the chorus sounds almost pop, but I’ve come to love jamming along. “Silver Lining” is pretty much the new Rilo Kiley’s songwriting at its finest. Think “A Man/Me/Then Jim” or “It’s A Hit” only more radio friendly.

2. Close Call
“She was born on a brightened pier/To a gypsy mother and a bucket of tears”
From the beginning, I think of the 90s alternative scene. The mention of a gypsy makes me think of Vianne Rocher from the novel Chocolat. Generally, “Close Call” is a rich but lonely song; it’s very seasoned, very grand, but the vibe and the lyrics make you feel like you’re standing in your childhood house after you’ve moved all the furniture out and you live somewhere else. This is what I’d call a travelling song, but it’s maybe more for travelling across the European countryside than it is for travelling like, to Wal-Mart.

3. The Moneymaker
“You are the moneymaker/She is yours for the takin’/You know you wanna make her/Show her your moneymaker”
The bass line is sex. The guitar line is even more sex and I love it, but I don’t know about everything put together. It’s the epitome of a rock song, sex, you know, DAYYYNJUHH! but I can’t say the lyrics are good. I can stand “The Moneymaker” for everything except the lyrics, which is why the lyric excerpt here is just Lame. Um, oh yeah, and I hate the bridge.

4. Breakin’ Up
“Here’s to all the pretty words/We will never speak/Here’s to all the pretty girls/You’re gonna meet”
An opener worthy of The Postal Service, seriously. I can’t decide, though, if I feel like a teenybopper listening to this song. I love it, but there’s something about it, perhaps the cliche of breaking up, or those cheesy digital sounds. I like how the chorus kind of turns into funk or something. As a 90s kid who grew up listening to 60s and 70s music only, I definitely appreciate that sound coming from Rilo Kiley (who actually did grow up in the 70s) because you can’t get that kind of satisfaction from indie, really. It feels like Motown.

5. Under the Blacklight
“Somewhere in Laredo/Borders a soft man/Like a black widow/I’ll be crawling/Under the blacklight”
A lyrical brainchild, especially as far as metaphors go, but really, this track’s a pop ballad. I could see this playing on the radio because it’s so typical. You know what I mean…verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, optional chorus, more optional verse, bridge, chorus (maybe in a new key), repeat. It’s a pretty song, but it’s so plain and somehow, Jenny Lewis’ voice gets lost and all I can hear is the drum, which, in this song, is not a fun part. No buildup. Come on. i needz sum 4plaeee.

6. Dreamworld
“The wedding bells won’t ring, but she couldn’t care less/You exist when you’re living in a dreamworld”
I honestly didn’t like “Dreamworld” the first time I heard it because Blake Sennett doesn’t sound like himself. He sounds sexy. I think Blake Sennett is sexy no matter what, but his voice doesn’t typically come off that way. He whispers and tugs on your ear in “Dreamworld,” kind of kissing you, and I like it. They should have put this before “Under the Blacklight” because it satisfies the need for foreplay. Actually, they should have put it before “The Moneymaker” because that song is just mindless sex. I also love the whole atmospheric vibe that’s provided by the distant, fading guitar and the ever-present bass line.

7. Dejalo
“Mah mama is an atheist/If I stay out late she don’t get pissed”
Oh, my God, Jenny Lewis, “nuestra” is pronounced “new-ay-strah,” not “new-ehhh-strah.” See, I’m essentially a Spanish dropout/wannabe European and I know that. I know that. I think the funky vibe is sexy, but the chorus is unbearable. The beginning is best–you know, when she says, “I got a mind if you wanna waste it…”

8. 15
“My oh my, you pretty thing/It’s about that time fo’ us to meet/Does your daddy ‘ave a shotgun?”
Oh my God, sooooo groovy. “15” is summer, no question about it. It’s a sunny afternoon that you spend inside on the computer. The lyrics are like a disguised Public Service Announcement, but they’re also awesome. Everything about “15” is creepy, and I love it.

9. Smoke Detector
“I took a man back to my room/I was smokin’ him in bed/Yeah, I was smokin’ in bed/This is what he said”
I put this song in my AIM profile, actually, because it’s fokkin’ hilarious. Jenny Lewis described it as “The Frug: Part II,” and I agree. The vibe for Part II, though, is very sixties, and it almost reminds me of the sing-song playfulness of France Gall’s “Laissez Tomber Les Filles.” Je l’aime.

10. The Angels Hung Around
“I been photographed and painted up/And I been in love only once”
Just like “Silver Lining,” track 10 sounds like it was cut from Rabbit Fur Coat. While I’m not sure that I love this track, it’s got more personal lyrics than the others. It almost sounds like “The Calendar Hung Itself,” except a ton less sexy and without any suggestiveness at all. Actually, I lied.  It’s not like “The Calendar Hung Itself” much at all, except for the fact that it describes the past and how much it hurt.  “The Angels Hung Around” is a real plain track.

11. Give a Little Love
“I keep you close/In my wildest dreams/My rearview mirror/And you’re waving to me/Our last goodbye”
Oh, my GOD. So the first time I heard it, I heard of bad late 80s/early 90s hip-hop. I let Rachael listen to parts of this. I asked, “What does this sound like?” She responded, “It sounds like Mariah Carey or something; who is that?” I told her and asked what Miss Jenny Lewis was thinking, and Rachael replied, “Obviously, she wasn’t.” Seriously, I can’t listen to “Give a Little Love” without feeling cheesy. I guess it’s just one of those songs to sit back and listen to…and laugh along. I know none of Rilo Kiley’s probably seriously pursuing a career in hip-hop, so I’m alright with it.  They wanted to go out with a kick, and they went out with like, a kick in the ass.

Essentially, I liked the entire CD.  Every song had a moment of some kind…even if I was laughing…and I guess because of the ones I loved, I’d say it’s worth buying somewhere like Target or on iTunes, but don’t go somewhere like Barnes & Noble to buy it because they overprice their everything.  Yeah.

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I have a feeling that most of my friends this year will be the freshman friends I’ve already made.  Unlike my cousin’s friends, they’re trustworthy and honest, and more generally innocent, though that doesn’t mean you should underestimate their capacity for joking around.  They don’t distance themselves from girls as much because they’re so approachable, and I like that.  They’re good friends, not only to us, but to each other first and foremost, which I also like.  Maybe someday, I’ll write a post about them, but not right now.  That would be mortifying and cheesy.

I get that I’m older than them, too, and I’m constantly afraid they’ll exclude me for that, but mostly, they don’t seem to care.  It does come up sometimes, though, and my own naivety shocks me.  I nearly always act less than my age, but I like it when people can meet me halfway.  I’m fairly mature but I’m vulnerable and I’m never serious and I can’t commit to anything.  When someone realizes that, I’ll be grateful.

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Some interesting shit went down tonight. I think I need some sleep to mull it over.

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I’m almost seventeen. How does that feel?

I was going to say awful, but that wouldn’t cover it. Recently I’ve found that Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett don’t care about me. I live two states away from my boyfriend. I gave myself an awful haircut. My foot is ugly and blistery thanks to band camp. I finally realized that it doesn’t count for anything that I was once a part of a great band or a great pit because I’m not part of it anymore. But that’s only the down side.

I’m the new alterna-girl next door, ready with a supply of fourteen-year-old homies from across the street! My bad haircut is edgy and makes me look older. I can almost rent movies that are rated R. I’m in all AP classes and everyone recognizes me as looking like “that girl” from The Breakfast Club (though I did recently get an Audrey Tautou!). And while “that girl” is crazy, Britt Daniel has (according to Blender, the best magazine ever) always had a thing for Ally Sheedy. My Francophileness is rubbing off and making me seem very French. Here’s the truth about my heritage: I’m maybe six percent French. Maybe. I’m generally a little Irish girl roaming the streets of America.

20 August, 2007, 1213 pm
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If you have an hour, just go on over to Rilo Kiley’s MySpace and check out Under the Blacklight.  They’ve put up the entire album.  What I’ve gathered is some seventies influences (and definitely disco), a few purely pop songs that will take me a long long time to get used to, and a couple that I like.  I like “Silver Lining,” “Moneymaker,” and now (though not initially) I like “Dreamworld.”  I haven’t finished listening to the whole album yet, though.  Rilo Kiley is going to break through with this album.  They’ve “made it” if this succeeds.  But see, even with their pop songs, they still keep some of their quirks like the flashbacks, the lyrics (which are generally good if somewhat repetitive), and guitar licks.

Let’s say some average kid hears “Moneymaker” or “Under the Blacklight” or “Breaking Up” on the radio and loves it all.  He goes and buys the album and is FREAKED that this band that produces such radio hits produces folky pieces and disco shit (I mean that kindly) and things that sound like oldies.  Like, what the fuck?!  And then he goes and buys older albums and finds nothing like the radio hits he expected.  He finds indie.  And if he decides to buy Jenny Lewis’ solo efforts, he’ll find pure folk.  It’s confusing!  But Rilo Kiley has done a good job at staying different despite their major label debut.  They’ve changed, yes, and sold out a little as far as pop goes (I don’t think Death Cab ever sold out or changed all too much as far as song structure goes), but I’m still proud to say I listen to them and love them.

14 August, 2007, 558 pm
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August 21st will mark the release of Rilo Kiley’s fourth album, Under the Blacklight. When I heard this in May, I pooped in my pants. See, for me, Rilo Kiley is somewhat of a prophet band to listen to on the lonely nights or on long car rides. Granted, I used to prefer the sweet stylings of vocalist Jenny Lewis when I was in my “girly” mood, but over the past month or so, living in Pennsylvania, I’ve adapted Rilo Kiley’s albums as a sort of Bible for my sad self. And it’s worked to make me happier. I’ve changed my aspirations from wanting to be the average indie kid to working above and beyond and becoming the kind of 60s or 70s hippie chick Jenny Lewis is. I’m faced with many of the situations outlined in her songs and I’m eternally grateful to her for pushing her acting career aside to join a band not because she sucked at acting, but because I genuinely love her musical endeavours. So to be alive and an active listener during the chaos that is a Rilo Kiley album release would be magical. Plus, it’s been four years since More Adventurous, which is my favourite Rilo Kiley album. It has to get better, right?

Under the Blacklight

Now, Erika and I thought the same thing of the release of Bright Eyes’ billionth album, Cassadaga, which was released in March after about two years of waiting. Cassadaga was a toughie, because it had to follow the tough act of twins Digital Ash In A Digital Urn and I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning from 2005. Well, I mean, Noise Floor was from 2006, but that was more a compilation than anything. I was really excited for Cassadaga, and it had its good songs…but it had like ten mediocre ones AND Conor Oberst lost the waver in his voice in favour of the strong croon of a real man. He’s 27 and finally growing up, but he’s a rock star. I miss his naivety. Needless to say, I was disappointed.


We also thought the same of The Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, released on March 10th (unless I’m mistaken)–that it would be phenomenal–and we weren’t disappointed. Actually, I’m lying. I was disappointed, but less momentously than I was by Bright Eyes. It’s not like Win Butler died or anything. Neon Bible was certainly decent. Just, it lacked a killer track like “Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)” and there wasn’t a killer Regine track like “Haiti,” which is my favourite of favourite Arcade Fire tracks. I got over the disappointment, though, for this one, and learned to enjoy Neon Bible.

Neon Bible

And as though I hadn’t learned from any of our inaccurate assumptions, I guessed the same about Under the Blacklight. But from what I’ve heard of it, I’m not all too excited anymore. In fact, I’m a little upset.

First, let’s begin with their video for “Moneymaker.” When I heard the name of the song, I thought, “HAHA hip-hop.” The guitar and bass lines are catchy, and there are parts where the drums are hot. But let’s start at the beginning: A short interview with some pornstars. And the song is essentially about a guy fucking around. A pornstar. A moneymaker. I mean, the song sounds good. Do I like it? Yeah. But it’s not a favourite. The video makes it dangerous and foreign and edgy. The emotions in the song are shallow and detached, and I don’t really think of Rilo Kiley in that way, so it’s disappointing. But they’re on a major label now.  Just watch the video.

On their MySpace page, they’ve got “Moneymaker” and another new song called “Silver Lining.”  At first, “Silver Lining” seems more like the traditional Rilo Kiley, but once you get to the chorus, it sounds more like something off of Rachel Stevens’ solo effort.  Yes, Rachel Stevens from S-Club 7.  Yes, in all her “Funky Dory” glory she was hot, but that’s not what I want from Jenny Lewis.  I expect substance and ingenuity from her; otherwise, I would be listening to Rachel Stevens.

Rachel Stevens

It all comes down to the fact that Rilo Kiley’s on a major label.  They’re not selling out; they’re doing what they need to.  And we all knew it would happen.  I mean, everyone loves Jenny Lewis as is and they need more exposure.  The thing is, they’re becoming more mass-friendly.  Just read the review Rolling Stone gave them.

Because Rilo Kiley’s More Adventurous was a triumph of the well-made narrative song, its markedly terser and beatier follow-up, which is also the band’s true major-label debut, will be accused of sellout. Instead, it’s yet more adventurous, a prosperous band’s challenge to its comfortable cult. Always too cute for serious indie cred, Jenny Lewis slips four songs about dangerous sex in which she herself might be indulging — right now, in her pretty prosperity — into music that’s defined rather than just decorated by its stylistic flirtations. Repetitive if not wordless refrains pop up everywhere, one in Spanish with a Latin beat; here a soul horn section, there a Fleetwood Mac homage, there a synth outro and almost nowhere much guitar-band alt-rock. The emotions aren’t as detailed as in the past, but they’re no less intense. And why is it no one else has written a breakup song that incorporates how we describe a failing cell-phone connection?

The only promising thing about this is that they gave Under the Blacklight four stars as opposed to More Adventurous‘s three stars.  Maybe we’re not hearing the best from the album yet.  I mean, I’ll still buy the album.  It’s Rilo Kiley and I trust them.  Just, I’d be sad to see it all go downhill from here.  What if Rachael starts listening to them?  That’ll be the only true sign of damnation.

Rachael, my sister

That’s not the only release in August, though.  On August 7th, there came unexpected new material from Orenda Fink.  Just when you think she’s gone for good, she always comes back with a new project.

So there was Azure Ray and then there was Invisible Ones, and now, basically, there’s Art in Manila, which is Orenda Fink’s latest project.  In Azure Ray, I remember that Orenda Fink’s voice was often so delicate that it was overpowered by Maria Taylor’s own voice.  I can easily tell their voices apart, but I wished there was more Orenda.  Even on her solo album, Invisible Ones, her voice was delicate.  She’s toughened up since then, though, and you can tell where her voice comes from.  She came back with some attitude, and it seems her fellow female vocalist Adrianne Verhoeven gives her plenty of room.  My favourite of what I’ve heard thus far is “The Abomination.”  It’s real strong from the beginning.

Art in Manila

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Surplus Value tagged me in a meme, and since I’ve dubbed today and yesterday Meme Day, I’m completing it now.

The Rules:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I have a pathological fear of drunk people. It’s because they don’t have any control and you can’t reason with them or interact with them, and sometimes they don’t even realize (or won’t admit) that they’re drunk, even when the morning comes. When forced to interact with them, I normally end up hyperventilating, which makes them angry. Because of this, the scent of beer makes me anxious.

This also leads me to telling off a past commenter who said that I was acting “arrogant” by saying I’ve never had a drink or smoked or done drugs. I like to be in control of my actions. It’s not arrogance; in fact, if anything, it’s childishness, I suppose, or maybe just my absolute necessity of security and certainty. I’d like to add that it’s nothing to brag about, really, if you’ve never drank or smoked. That’s kind of like bragging that you’ve never dyed your hair.

2. I’ll include a diagram for this one. My pet peeve happens at restaurants. We’re walking up to a table, as displayed by the white line. The hostess is at the front of the group, represented by a plain white dot. The other people in my party are represented by a pink-outlined dot, and I (usually the last to walk in a line) am represented by a green-outlined dot. We approach the table by a parallel line eventually. And then it happens: The pink dot takes the first available seat in the first available row of chairs, forcing me to awkwardly step around and walk past them and then sit down at a farther seat. I’m not sure why it grates on my nerves so much, but I find it somewhat rude. Maybe it’s because if they took the farther seat, we would sit down at approximately the same time.

Pet Peeve

3. I judge people by their eyebrows. I feel bad for people with unibrows, and supposing I ever became attracted to a guy with one, the first thing I’d do would be to coax him to pluck it or something. Some girls have weird-shaped eyebrows, and they make my fingers tingle for a pair of tweezers. I would most definitely fill in my eyebrows with dark eyeliner if I didn’t have thick, dark eyebrows because incidentally, those are my favourite kind (although I don’t quite have the shape or volume I’d like). When girls overpluck, I think they look really dumb and then scold myself for thinking it. I used to have a rather bushy unibrow, but my mom bribed me to let her pluck them. I got mine waxed for the first time in June, but the lady did them too far apart (I like them a little farther in than the corner of my eye) so I filled them in with eyeliner and shunned mirrors for a few weeks. I’ve since vowed never to get them waxed again. It may sound silly, but it’s true that the eyebrows pretty much make the face. Then again, there are some problems you can’t fix with tweezers, like ferociously hairy arms.
4. If I go into the bathroom with a Harry Potter book, you can be damn sure I’ll be in there until at least twenty minutes after I’m done shitting.

5. Although presently I hate little kids, when I grow up, I’d like to adopt two or three children and perhaps birth one of my own, but my own won’t be the oldest. I’ll be like Angelina Jolie, except not! I’m also going to have my kitchen painted red with classic black and white linoleum floors and I’ll plant yellow tulips outside my house. It’ll be neat.

6. I’m obsessed with guys’ shoulderblades. That’s probably my favourite feature on males. I also love their jawlines and the backs of their hands. I also like the occasional unexpected peck on the neck. This is an added bonus: From fourth grade, I used to envision what my first kiss would be like. It would be standing up, slow dancing, just slow, and then there would be one of those flowery, pastel rainbow backgrounds from dreamy scenes of Sailor Moon, and it would happen. Uh, it wasn’t really like that. It was a ton better.

7. Loud noises always somehow manage to piss me off. I find them unnerving.

8. As far as mallets go, I love the piston stroke. It may look silly or sound like you’re wasting energy by holding them up before you hit, but it’s so worth it. In fact, one of my pet peeves has grown to be bad mallet technique. If you use the piston stroke or even attempt it, PROPS. If you don’t…hah, let’s not go there.

I’m going to tag Mary Beth and Rachael for now, because I’d like to see their answers. I’ll tag more later.

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I’ve been tagged in two memes, and up until this point, I haven’t really gotten much of a chance to complete them, so here goes!

The first meme’s basic gist is that I’m supposed to tag five (5) blogs that I learn from.  I’m going to stretch and mold that a little and maybe not exactly tag five blogs, and the people I tag don’t exactly have to continue.  First, I’d like to say that Deb tagged me for this one, and had anyone else tagged me, I would have tagged her first and foremost.  So.

1.  All Things Go.  Simply put, they introduced me to Andrew Bird.  They opened my doors to hip-hop when I was in need.  And they gave me “Roll On” which features Jenny Lewis.  Will they continue the meme?  No.  But does it matter, after all they’ve done for me and not even known?  Uh, no.

2.   Good Weather for Airstrikes.  Klaxons, basically, and a bunch of covers, most especially the “Maps” cover by the Arcade Fire, which actually opened me up to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (not like it wasn’t going to happen eventually anyway).  I also learned about Kate Nash here, who is amazing.  GWFA is essentially my source for neat-o British music.

3.  Lacking Value.  He always, always, always has enormous points about religion and politics.  He’s a young vegan, and he writes a lot on animal rights.  His posts are mind-prying and passionate, though you don’t always realize it at first.  Though he writes about controversial subjects, he’s always strong in his writing.

4.  i hope there are paths in this town.  Adam is afraid of spiders, especially camel spiders.  He taught me some British slang once, so now when someone says they’re pissed, I think, “Hmm, why would you be drinking beer this early in the day.”  Bwaha.

That was almost five!  Okay, second meme when I get out of the shower.

11 August, 2007, 1224 pm
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I finally have internet.

Let’s start before band camp. Charles lives across the street. A few days after we moved in, he, Phelan, Travis, Coleton, and Torey were chilling in the street and my eleven-year-old cousin Shannon decided to harass them, which led to a nightly gathering with at least Charles and Phelan, and sometimes Torey. Mostly, we sat in a circle on the street and talked, and one night, we walked to the park and talked. They are all fourteen with the exception of Charles and Shannon has called dibs on half of them (not Torey, though, because she hates him). Charles has escaped her wrath for two weeks to be in Ohio with his mom. Haha.

The first time I went to band, it was a two-hour thing where we received and practiced music. I went in feeling like I was going to shit myself and came out feeling relaxed. Why? My section, which consists of two other senior girls and two junior girls, is friendly and agreeable and accepting, and over the past week of band camp, I’ve grown to adore them in a non-creepy manner. They also listen to better music than that which is played on the radio as well as less mainstream movies, and for that, I have built up a great amount of respect for each of them.

In the past week, I’ve seriously only straightened my hair twice, and one of those was Tuesday, which was Character Day. The mallets section was the Spice Girls. I ACTUALLY got to be Posh Spice, which is a rarity, since in normal circumstances, I would have probably been the last choice for her since she’s really sexy. Agatha was Scary Spice, Katrina was an amazing Ginger Spice, Jessica R. was Sporty Spice, and Jessica B. (who somehow always makes me think of Peyton) was Baby Spice. Aside from that, I’ve had a constant craving for Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley.

Here’s the thing: I feel like living here, I’m becoming more natural. I don’t mind that I don’t have a flat stomach, because I make up for that with skinny legs. I don’t feel ugly, and I don’t have to wear makeup to feel pretty. If I smile at someone, chances are, they’ll either give me a glare and a once-over because I’m new or they’ll smile back. If I talk to someone, it won’t really be awkward, but it’ll be an introduction instead. If someone walks into me with a bass drum on, I won’t get a “you-should-know-that-I-can’t-see-around-that-gaddamn-Paige.” And if I mention Jenny Lewis or The Arcade Fire, chances are, there will be recognition instead of blank expressions, and I love that. Granted, no one is as much of a diehard fan as I am. Veganism is tangible and people actually understand. And this is why I initially liked Lewisburg, because you can be different and creative and there’s room to grow. I still like Lewisburg during the day best.

And then there’s the burning desire to see my Richmond friends.