Here is why I hate Pokémon.

It takes over your life.

Yesterday was Halloween.

So I have yet to get “crunk.”  Since I got to college, everything has been relatively tame.  I have been to two concerts–Land of Talk/Broken Social Scene (with, of course, Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, and the Apostle of Hustle) and then Tim Fite/Man Man.  And my friends and I were invited backstage at the Tim Fite/Man Man one, but everyone thought we were lame because we wouldn’t get naked, jump around in the hot tub, and fuck them in the hot tub/shower/sauna.  In fact, it was just really awkward and I think it would have been less so if there were maybe more than five/six girls and one male.  Because the only male who really associated with us was Tim Fite’s secondhand man, Leroy.  I would like to give credit to the bearded man in the mint-coloured shirt who brought us towels and water, though, for when we wouldn’t take off our clothes in the sauna.  He seemed like he was trying to help Leroy out, but he also seemed to understand that we were just naive people sucked into a weird situation where we were pretty much expected to drop our pants.

I know I shouldn’t base my college career around my ability to get “crunk.”  It doesn’t matter, as I’m here to focus on my grades.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t particularly want to.  It would be acceptable in an intimate setting with close friends.

Just, last night was fun.  I mean, Jaimie and I put on our costumes (she was a lumberjack and I was an effeminate gnome whose mentor was obviously David the Gnome) and went out to eat at the Village.  And then we rented Donnie Darko and watched it in my room.  And then I fell asleep during the movie and Jaimie probably got mad because she hates sleeping people.

We didn’t get crunk like everyone else at VCU, though.  We had no parties to attend.

I’m wearing my gnome hat right now.

Another blog-related update.  Ummmm, I’ve decided that I’m going to write more third-person stories when I can.  I would call them fiction, but they mostly won’t be fiction.  Thus, I can’t call them microfiction either, so until I find a better name for them, they are stories and microstories, seeing as they’re not very long at all.  My purpose is the analysis of people.  It’s purely for fun.  But I do know that most of you only come here for music.


A few things.

First, I have been playing Pokémon obsessively for the past two days. Pokémon Blue, to be exact. And I use an emulator. So here is the website for those of you who may be bored and unfortunate enough not to own a Gameboy or any Pokémon games.

Someone (mega-cough) left an Arizona Peach Tea can tab on my front porch on Easter. I now wear it proudly with my old one and yes, I can distinguish between the two.

Easter, by the by, was hellish. Everyone was fighting and I got pied in the face and my great-aunt cried for her beloved slice of lemon meringue pie or some shit like that. My family is nuts.

I actually have a twenty-three second clip of a high-speed chase in my cousin’s basement.  I can’t upload it places, though.  Ugh.

Also, my Tamagotchi family is growing up to be cute (for once in their miserable lives).

Here is the song that I have decided would fit so nicely on a sountrack.  Like the soundtrack to my life.  I think it would be on a walk before something really intense.  You could see it, couldn’t you?  When it breaks down, something intense is going down.  Like a drug deal or passionate eyes.  On YouTube, I saw a pretty neat dance routine to this song, but I wanted them to breakdance at the mood shift.  They stayed graceful throughout, though.  Not bad, but not what I would have done.

Derek | Animal Collective

Here’s the dance clip.  Someone commented, “I never pictured someone dancing to this.”  But I did.  Every time I hear it, I feel like frolicking for serious.  I feel like grabbing the nearest person’s hand and dancing.

And also, for old time’s sake, I shall present you three of my favourite Rilo Kiley songs.  I am in a real Rilo Kiley mood lately.  Not even Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins.  Just Rilo Kiley, plain and simple.  I am fairly certain, right now, that The Execution of All Things is my favourite album.  I don’t know, actually.  That’s probably a lie.  It’s so close.

“Capturing Moods” is uplifting and beautiful and patient.  “Paint’s Peeling” is quite different–slightly unhappy and unsure.  “Pictures of Success” is a favourite, though, from Take-Offs and Landings.  “Mexico can fucking wait.”

Capturing Moods | Rilo Kiley
Paint’s Peeling | Rilo Kiley
Pictures of Success |  Rilo Kiley

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do something different.  Maybe.