30 November, 2007, 1010 pm
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A few months ago when I still lived in Richmond, I was browsing Barnes & Noble, my favourite place ever to shop for way overpriced and not really worth it CDs when I came across an act titled The Bird and the Bee. I picked up their album and scanned it under one of those stupid headphone thaangs, played one song, and blatantly laughed at it. Then I called Derek over to listen to it for shits and giggles. I forget if he consented to that or not. Anyway, I definitely didn’t buy it.

The Bird and the Bee

Well, when I was visiting Richmond in August right after I moved, I went out to socialize with my friend Jay who is a douchebag, and after I almost hit his fancy schmancy car without realizing it was his while trying to park (I must be psychic), we eventually ended up at Barnes & Noble. Again. My favourite place ever to shop for way overpriced and not really worth it CDs. Well, I browsed the magazine rack this time and picked up two that I NEEEDED (Blender and Under the Radar), and then we went to Best Buy to play game samples, and then I went back to my padre‘s.

These two stories do connect. About a month into school, I got fucking bored and I needed new music. So I decided to browse these here magazines for new artists to listen to, and I stumbled across a The Bird and the Bee ad. Even though I had laughed in their good-looking faces a few months ago, I decided to give them a second chance, so I looked them up and got a good number of songs and FELL IN LOVE. Not even fucking kidding. What was wrong with me a few months ago?!

So as a sort of apology for our first meeting, I’m featuring The Bird and the Bee today. Inara George’s name sounds like something out of a fairy tale, very Euro-hip, and her voice sounds like something out of a fairy tale, too…very jazz hip but delicate, fluid, and light at the same time. Astoundingly, she’s the daughter of Little Feat’s Lowell George! I guess my padre and I have something in common after all. I’ve also got to throw credit out to frickin’ Greg Kurstin for his awesome, well, what he does in the dynamic duo, cause as Walker from Talladega Nights would say, “I frickin’ love it.”

My Fair Lady | The Bird and the Bee [buy]
Again & Again | The Bird and the Bee [buy]

By the by, my mother says that “My Fair Lady” sounds like “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes. Tell me whether or not you agree; I’m still stumped. I can see where she’s coming from, but at the same time…naw. Also, fucking parade tomorrow.

29 November, 2007, 1029 pm
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Yo, music listeners, listen up! I have found something incredibly fun and unbearably exciting for you to do. All you have to do is click a link and fill in your opinion. That’s all. I promise. So here’s what I’m asking you to do: Click here and nominate some awesomely excellent music for Stereogum‘s 2007 gummy awards! YAYYY! Uh, hint: I kind of want Jenny Lewis to win Ms. Indie Rock. Help our red-haired heroine beat out Chan Marshall this year and reclaim the title she won in 2005! YEAH! As much as I love both of them…well, Jenny’s a priority. Sorry, Chan. Also, I think our main concern this year is Feist because she’s whored herself out to all those iPod commercials and late-night talk shows that her fans actually don’t watch (unless their mothers remind them about it).

I’m a competitive little chump.


Anyway, it seems that I catch onto new music after everyone else in the world since I get my music from the blogs. Let me clarify. I’m the first one out of my pals to catch onto new music and the last out of the blogs. They pretty much feed me and I just pick out what I like. But that’s okay, because I like to think about the blogs as a chain. We’ve got to pick it up somewhere, and someone has to spread the word.

Thus, it was only a matter of time before I started listening to Jaymay. The first time I glimpsed her name, I honestly didn’t look twice. But the other day, upon sifting through Mythpathe for a new profile song, I stumbled across her YET AGAIN and this time, I decided to check her out.

I’ve fallen in love on the spot a few times. Once was when I had the orgasmic cake batter ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. Another time was when I saw “Litte Miss Sunshine,” which is my favourite movie to date. And you can’t forget the time I went to JC Penney and stumbled across a nice little pair of Levi’s 504s that I like to call my baybays or, if you like French, mes petits choux d’amour. Yeah, creepy, I know. Well, I can’t say that hearing Jaymay’s music was orgasmic, but it did kind of evoke that feeling of love I have for my skinny jeans. And that’s what I like to hear in muzakkk.

I hereby present you with a nice little one by Miss Jaymay that I fell in love with right away because I love shaker solos, mallet instruments (ZOMG BELLSMARIMBAXYLOPHONE!), and, of course, gray or blue eyes.

Gray or Blue | Jaymay [buy]

But buy the album if you know what’s good for you. I’m making my parents do it so that I can be rewarded for Christmas. If you want to hear another excellent one, by the by, go to either Jaymay’s MySpace or mine. By the way, she’s the only artist I support who has no eyebrows. Kidding, sort of.

28 November, 2007, 1111 pm
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My first taste of Feist was “Mushaboom.” I don’t care what you think of that song; it’s fuckin’ amazing. It’s appropriate for any feelings of nostalgia, any season, and any car ride. It just stupefies me that some people actually don’t like “Mushaboom.” Fuck you, too.

Anyway, I bought The Reminder for my birthday this year and while I was immediately smitten with some tracks such as “The Park” and “Brandy Alexander,” some chansons kind of slipped on by and I didn’t care to become acquainted with them. Well, thanks to that brilliant Shuffle feature on iTunes, I’ve been able to hear Feist’s lovely voice between tracks by other artists and I’ve re-evaluated the album and my appreciation for little Leslie. While there’s nothing not to like about The Reminder, it’s a very subtle album–soft on absolutely everything except her voice. It’s a nice touch.

I’ve chosen to post an underappreciated piece today. It’s very much une chanson d’hiver, possibly because of the imagery in the lyrics or maybe just because of the whole attitude the song creates. It’s the last track on The Reminder, and a rather appropriate closer. Enjoy!

How My Heart Behaves | Feist [buy]

Also, on a random note, congratulations to everyone who made it into the language Honor Societies. Ah, most especially les français. My fellas.

26 November, 2007, 859 pm
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I’m gonna get more serious with this here blawggg. First, I need to revamp it a little, then I need to write a little. By “a little,” I mean a little less of my life, a little more for you to drink up. Right? So I’m collecting i n t e l l i g e n c e right now, keep an eye out for some cool changes and lotsa pictures and some extra français on top. More links and more colours for yer poor eyes. Maybe I will create a new top banner–tell me what yeh think I need and what I don’t need.

Here, though, I officially bring back the sporadic Chanson de la Semaine! Except now I’ve changed it to the Chanson du Jour since moods can change so rapidly. Thus, it’ll be more frequent. Prolly.

Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

About a month ago, I was browsing the albums at F.Y.E. because they always have the most tremendous collection ever. My eyes were drawn to this one painfully bright yellow case, and so my fingers obeyed and picked it up. To my great surprise, there was news of the Postal Service’s Jimmy Tamborello (and of Jenny Lewis in Track 5) on this tiny sticker on the cover! He’s got a project called James Figurine, which is a spin-off from his days in Figurine, and he’s released an album called Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake. Or Mistake times four. Don’t call it that, though. That’s a pet name. I was real excited about this so I bought it, and on the car ride home, I was just itching to give it a test-run.

I gotta tell yeh, though, Mistake times four was a grower. The first few times I tried to listen to this sibling of Dntel (and half-sib of the Postal Service), I got a headache. I mean, Jimmy Tamborello went craaaazy on the electronics, not just regular craaaazy, but bold craaaazy. Thus, if you’re expecting like…a guitar and a few weird sounds in the background, you’re in for a humongous surprise.

However, earlier this month, I dug Mistake times four out of the depths of my gigantic stack of CDs to give it another chance. And this time, since I was ready for it, I didn’t get a headache and found myself relaxing amongst all these electronic sounds. In fact, I’ve decided that Mistake is one of my favourite growers, up there with Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire or Lifted by Bright Eyes. Of course, the latter is a definite unbeatable since that was my first-ever taste of le monde d’indie.

So here, I present you with one of my favourite tracks out of the lot, “55566688833.” How, you ask, do I remember all the numbers in that ridiculously pretentious song title? Listen to the lyrics. Or–I’ll give you a hint. Type it into a text message. Then send it to your mom. And then listen to the entire song. Have some Motrin on hand just in case, because the sounds can be overwhelming. I guarantee that it’ll grow on yeh, though.

55566688833 | James Figurine [buy]

24 November, 2007, 104 am
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Peppy is our cat.  He’s two years old and he’s been away from home for some time because my mother figured it was enough birth control to just spay our female cats.  Which was bad thinking, obviously, because now our boy cats are essentially strays.  They’re horny.  We haven’t seen Cow since we moved here, and Peppy comes by once in a while to eat food.  I told my mother at the time and still remind her constantly, but it’s like she doesn’t want to see.  Mom, we’ve lost all our male cats now.
Well, Alexa got Peppy to come inside today since Peppy is her beloved.  And Peppy has gained weight.  When I say he’s gained weight…I mean he’s fat.  So fat that you can tell that someone has taken the liberty of feeding him rather generously.  And that’s fine and dandy, but they’ve done him a disservice.  He looks unhealthy compared to his old nimble self.  Keep in mind that he’s young, only two.  And he’s gained the weight rapidly–over the course of perhaps a month.  This kills me.  So someone has been overfeeding our cat and evidence suggests that he has been providing Peppy at least part-time housing.  While this is a kind thing to do, well, he doesn’t recognize us anymore, he’s obese, he’s living as a stray (because we have no idea where he’s been living but the fact that he’s alive is a miracle), and when we do manage to get him home, he’s got to be locked inside moaning for hours on end, completely terrified because he has no idea where he is.  While part of me wants to keep him safe because he’s our kin and our obligation, I’m wrenched in two because I know he doesn’t know what’s really going on.  All he wants is to go outside.  We could still get him neutered, but would that really be our place anymore?  He’s become feral.  And he’s miserable when he’s at home.  Alexa loves him, too, but he doesn’t know her.  He’s just scared, kind of like a kidnapped cat.  He doesn’t think he belongs here anymore.

I don’t think it’s all the move, either–I think it’s Little Poop, aka Moose, Shannon’s kitten who they can’t take care of.  I think he’s scared of new cats.

I know Alexa’s got to be crushed, too.  At least Babygirl still recognizes me when she comes home.

20 November, 2007, 101 pm
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Don’t tell Sunshine what I did to the horses in the stable…over yonder…near the crick…


19 November, 2007, 1106 pm
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I feel like I just said something wrong, something overly forward that was said based on too many assumptions and pure, raw emotions and the past and now I just feel stupid.  Or, well, I guess brushed aside is all.  Or not prioritized, but in this situation, there’s no law that says I should be, just because of the way I’ve been.  Such a dick.  It’s now obvious that my priorities, though, have been in the wrong place for a while now, and that I’ve been listening to the wrong songs for the wrong people.  And by that, I mean that I feel completely dejected and completely burned.  Plus, one of my pals isn’t being civil at all, and another doesn’t want to participate, and I just feel isolated.  This time, though, I’ll do my best to hold a grudge.  I do not let anyone call me a liar.

By the by, better post tomorrow on something fascinating.  My mom’s out drinking late again and I hate it.  And I also hate her friends.  That is all.