Here’s why I decided to reclaim my glorious WordPress: I was just starting to get good at it when I stopped blogging.

Another thing: Upon perusing my iPod, which has a different music selection from my external hard drive, I came across the song “Sharks” by Bear Colony, and it hit my belly in an entirely nostalgic way.  I remembered the way that this blog tracked my growth from adolescence to adulthood.  Although I am still rather immature, you readers have watched me grow up, have grown up with me, given me support, and I want to give something back to you.  Hence, rebooting the blog.

Tumblr’s great n all but I like the long format of WordPress better.  Plus, I feel that while I use my Tumblr for pretty things and activism, I still have much to say about music, and Tumblr doesn’t give me the forum to do that.

I’m going to start new things, possibly beginning with one secret surprise, which I will work on this weekend.  I plan to bring in a wider variety of music, hopefully to cater to a wider audience of music tastes.  This will definitely be influenced by my friends and readers, who have introduced me to new genres where my mind was so narrow before.  In fact, if you ever hear something amazing that you want me to hear, either leave me a comment, message me (even anonymously) on Tumblr, shoot me something on Facebook, or send me an email!  In addition to concerts I attend in the future, I also plan to write about local Richmond bands, noise, hip-hop, and (sigh) pop music.  Why pop music?  Have I finally sold out?  Well, number one, I don’t even really know what that means.  Number two, I have realized that pop music presents a wonderful opportunity for…critique.

Of course, I’ll also continue to post the occasional cringeworthy personal post, and, you know…books/movies/tv/whatever.

And for a second before I get started, just to crack my knuckles, I’d like to give a shout-out to Divya, who seriously commented on my most recent post within milliseconds, as well as one to deShion, who I’m about to message back on

I’m going to do this list-style.  In fact, if any of you are enthusiastic enough, just to celebrate this long-awaited post (by me if by nobody else), you readers can answer the questions I’m about to pose to myself in the comments, and I shall respond with commentary.

1.  Wut r ur top 3 5 fav bands records rite naow?

In no particular order, I am currently really into:

    And…don’t be too shocked at how different they are…:

    • Kamehameha by Ponytail (2006)
    • Teen Dream by Beach House (2010)
    • Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom (2010)
    • Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter (2010)
    • Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics by Ducktails (2011)

    2.  What’ve you been reading lately?

    • One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, which is amazing
    • The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (all of it)
    • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, just the first installment so far, on the toilet
    • rose by Inga Muscio
    • The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

    3.  How have ewe changed since you last posted?

    I have more energy due to a very recent change in medz.
    My hair is prettier; I got an undercut inspired by Victoria Legrand’s hair.
    I live with a kitty named Roxy.  She is a buff tabby, 1 1/2 years old, and extremely agile.
    I’m closer to my sisters and I hang out with my friends more.
    I’ve become more body positive and politically aware/correct.  If this bothers you, then you.  can.  get out, I guess.

    4.  Movie recommendations purr-lease?

    Okay.  You get four, mainly because I can’t think of another one at the moment.

    • Ponyo
    • Paprika
    • But I’m a Cheerleader
    • Heima
    • Margaret Cho comedy of any kind.  That’s not a movie, but…worth it.

    5.  Grrrl role models lately

    • Victoria Legrand of the band Beach House
    • Molly Siegel of the band Ponytail (huge secret crush)
    • Girl Cave the only all-girl cycling team in the Tour de Force scavenger hunt last weekend (Adrienne and Nicole)
    • Genderbitch even though I was a total poohead the first time I communicated with her
    • You know, all my friends and Tumblr-crushes.  Okay, so Tumblr has taken over my life.

    So sometime this weekend, expect a secret surprise and a new post including music, mostly probably raving about the albums that I listed above, with listening opportunities of course.

    That is, unless my computer re-breaks

    which it totally did

    like two weeks ago

    but then yesterday

    it started working again

    what gives

    I’m going to play the Sims 3, I think.

    2 May, 2011, 950 am
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    I’m coming back to WordPress this summer.

    I miss you.

    Get ready.