age 19

My name is Paige and I am cringeworthy.  I’ve lived for a bit more than twenty-one years and I am a fourth-year French/English/Gender Studies triple major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.  I work at Spencer’s Gifts.  This makes for fun times.

I love reading, writing, cooking spectacular vegan food, taking super-amateur photos with my Diana+ Dreamer, hanging out with my bb kitty Roxy, walking all over the place, exploring, smiling at strangers, film scouting, listening to cicadas, pretending I am secretly in love with my peers, existing as a naked person, and touching plants.  But I like reading the most.  My favourite book is most likely One Hundred Years of Solitude.  I am an existentialist.  My favourite movie is Heima.  I also love Nausicäa of the Valley of the WindSynecdoche New York is the movie I’ve cried hardest at, ever.  Every time.

age 21

On a bad day, I look like I’m a half a decade younger than I actually am.  On a good day, I look almost-legal, like 17.9 years old.  I am either rabbit-like or deer-like.  I am very goofy in settings that I find comfortable.

I regret the fact that so many people are disturbed by body hair.

If you have the balls to shoot me a Friend Request via Facebook,, or Livejournal, then I will readily accept your request as long as you do not want (or at least if you do not voice your want) to cybersex me via webcam.  I try to be friendly and creepy to make up for the fact that at first glance, I come off as a cold, stuck-up, and quiet bitch.  I’m just easily intimidated.

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[…] that a farce.  It’s not a democracy.  It’s a Christian dictatorship, and although I’m Christian myself (the type a lot of gay people dislike–Catholic), the unfairness in it all makes me […]

Pingback by INDIEchouette

I think it’s quite possible that we’re the same person. Strangeee stuff, let me tell you.

Comment by Kelly

whoa. do you know how rare it is that i meet someone who’s very much like me, even on the internet? very rare, indeed.

Comment by leindiemeister

Wow. I’m a 16 year old with social phobia (but I love people too…) and I adore indie music. I didn’t know people like me existed. It’s very comforting I must say.

Comment by Lia

I suppose we social phobes are somewhat more observant than others, since we’re always analyzing worst case scenarios.

Comment by leindiemeister

Do you inwardly criticize people who leave you blog comments, even when they have good intentions and avoid grammatical errors?

Comment by Mal

@Mal: I guess if they leave detailed enough comments, I do, or if they say something I don’t completely agree with but they truly believe they are backing up or expanding on my point. Or if someone makes a more intelligent point than I do, or digs deeper than I would have, I get a bit defensive, even if it is healthy for my blog to grow in that direction, with intellects and debaters visiting and adding tidbits. I also sometimes can’t tell people’s intentions and use sarcasm in this same critical manner, just to realize that I’ve completely overanalyzed what they were trying to say. That’s kind of funny sometimes. And yeah, people’s comments do mostly lead to making assumptions as to their personalities and lifestyles, which therefore leads to judgment, though I won’t alienate anyone unless they’re just being dumb. I suppose I was never conscious of it until you mentioned it, though. I take it you’re the same way?

Comment by leindiemeister

awwwww what a cute picture!!!

Comment by divya

you’re all lucky, i’ve never met anyone like me.

but that picture is adorable.

Comment by adam

I just randomly upon your blog, and I have to say you’ve got my interested in whatever you have to say. I love all your music and I look forward to reading whatever you write in the future.

Comment by Megan

I just found you randomly and you are ridiculously cool for being only 17. Well done.

Comment by Michelle

Hey Paige.

We saw that you appreciate but aren’t really a big fan of Johnny Cash and were hoping we could change that. Because you write very intelligent blog posts we think you’d be really good at writing a review. We are currently helping promote the new extended cut version of the award winning film Walk The Line. If you would be more interested in hearing about this opportunity shoot me over an email and we can go over the details.

BJ DeHut

Comment by BJ DeHut

Monsieur DeHut! You haven’t left an e-mail address for me to fire an e-mail to! Unless it’s on the M80 website, in which case, I can find it myself.

Comment by indiechouette

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

Comment by RaiulBaztepo

Hello !!!! ^_^
My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your posts are really interesting
And want to ask you: what was the reasson for you to start this blog?
Sorry for my bad english:)
Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

Comment by PiterKokoniz

I’d like to send you a link to listen to my band Flotilla’s album “One Hundred Words for Water”. Let me know if you’re interested!

Comment by Veronica

I’m definitely interested! Sorry that it’s taken so long to get back to you. ;c

Comment by indiechouette

Paige, this is so strange I had to leave a comment. I came upon your blog as I was image-searching Andrew Bird (yeah, go ‘head and try it). So then, I browsed yr site because I like yr music an’ I’m a fan of body hair an’ J. Safran Foer is one of my favorite authors. Anyway, then I saw a reference for Lewisburg, PA, and I’m from just over the mountain near State College, and this was all so coincidental, I wanted to share this coincidence with you in the hopes I wouldn’t be the only one to appreciate it. Internets!!

Comment by Paige A

In my extremely long comment, I forgot to mention that I’m a college sophomore as well.

Comment by Paige A

That is SO EXCITING! Hahah, even our first names are the same. It’s sooo hard to find anyone who appreciates the same things as I do, too. Especially body hair. So I’m extremely elated that you mentioned that specifically. And I imagine it’s a rare thing for you to find likeminded pals, too. c:

Also, random, but since you’re in the area, if you are looking to go to Bonnaroo (unlikely but awesome if you are), I can totally hook you up with a ride.

Comment by indiechouette


I came across your blog a while back….I actually saved it as one of my favorites on my work computer. I live and work in Eastern Europe, and you seem to keep me in touch with the USA. Your blog makes me miss home, and all the fabulous things I could do home. :)

Thanks for being so awesome!

Comment by Theresita

Did you die?? I sure hope not. I miss your posts…

Comment by Kid Colour

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