27 January, 2009, 208 am
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I subscribe. Maybe I need to look into some of the facts myself before I fully subscribe. But based on what I’ve been presented, it makes sense.

We accept what the media presents. We accept it readily. Whatever is in the mainstream, well, it’s common knowledge and it’s engraved as fact. We have no critical thinking skills. We do not analyze or question. We accept our fate. And I hate that.

We are too individualistic, also. I am not saying that we should undermine the importance of every human being. On the contrary, we should not underestimate anyone. We need everyone. I need everyone. And I love everyone. And I wish everyone could accept my love for them, but they can’t! And they won’t. They’re too grounded in differences, superlatives, comparisons. I am weird. I have no justification. I don’t know how different you are from me, so I can’t love you.

It doesn’t make any sense! And what’s frustrating is that we have to deal with this bullshit nonsense game that has been constructed around us. Money. Ownership. Material objects and consumerism. None of this should be. We just need love, acceptance, lack of capitalism…and education is most important, but it’s the hardest to obtain. And if you have enough, people think you’re crazy. The best education you can have, I suppose, is a self-education and an acceptance of your own readily available qualities. But nobody will accept this as anything but bias. Mainstream, that is something they’re ready to accept.


Sometimes, I am frustratingly blind.  And it hurts.

Happy birthday, Jenny Lewis!  And happy Jenny Lewis’ birthday!  I celebrate that shit like it’s a religious holiday!


I give you some old favourites.

My Slumbering Heart | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

With Arms Outstretched | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

Spectacular Views | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

It’s A Hit | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

More Adventurous | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

Pictures of Success | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

Always | Rilo Kiley
[mediafire] [buy]

We Will Become Silhouettes | The Postal Service
[mediafire] [buy]

Oh man, Rilo Kiley marathon, fuck yes.  PS, Mediafire links coming soon.  Firefox and Mediafire just keep wigging out every time I try to find files, just for now.  Within the week, I promise, ilu.

I would like to shout out to my grrrl, Erika, for also celebrating Jenny Lewis’ birthday.

I got my hair cut today at Holiday Hair at the mall.  The haircut isn’t that bad, except that the “choppy layers” I was going for totally aren’t there, so needless to say, I’m kind of extremely pissed.  I even told the girl, “I WANT VOLUME.”  Like, what does that mean to you?  It means that it’s absolutely my priority and that I will sacrifice a rational haircut for some lift!  Swear to God, next time I want my hair cut, I am not going to [ask my mom to] pay $20 for it.  Oh, nuh-uh.  Don’t hate on me.  My mom’s the one who urged that I needed a haircut so badly, so she offered to pay up.

Instead of complaining, I’m going to go lurk all over /b/.  THAR R SRSLY GRLZ ON B?  RLY?  CUMDUMPSTERS EXIST?  NOWAI!  I rarely admit that I am a she.  You’ve been warned.  Be back later, bye.


I have made myself a playlist called “Janvier 2009.”  Unlike playlists of months past, it does not contain songs that I am currently salivating all over.  Instead, it includes the songs of several artists that are actually quite new to me, so that I can get accustomed to them more quickly.  I think this is a good plan.

Most of this playlist consists of anti-folk sorts of folks.  I do not listen to so much anti-folk, which is strange because I do have an appreciation for the honesty that comes from the movement.  I say “honesty,” and what I mean is that the artists will say what they mean straight out and mean what they say wholeheartedly.  I read a review of Paramore’s Riot! that claimed that they are an incredibly honest band, but you know…they’re a little cliché in their lyrics, and really, how can you be dishonest when you’re writing music unless you’re James Frey?  Either way, it’s sort of like writing an autobiography–whatever you write is going to be accurate by your own account.  It takes a special sort of person to say whatever comes to mind, and then include it in a bunch of songs.


Why I like Gregory and the Hawk: Meredith Godreau’s voice floats.

Oats We Sow | Gregory and the Hawk
[mediafire] [buy]
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Why I like Andrew Jackson Jihad: Ali introduced me via “Personal Space Invaders.”  Hai AJJ.  Nice to meet yew.

A Song Dedicated To The Memory of Stormy The Rabbit | Andrew Jackson Jihad
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[website] [myspace]

Why I like Erin Tobey: She spent a lot of time in Richmond, and she feels like an introspective weirdo, just as weird as me.  Also, she has happy eyebrows, or eyebrows that make me happy.  Plus, she is crafty.

Psychology Song | Erin Tobey
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[website] [myspace]

Why I like Madeline Adams: Sort of the same reason for liking Gregory and the Hawk, but Madeline has some more spunk and emotion to her voice, in case you’re feeling a little less mellow.

Seeing Double | Madline Adams
[mediafire] [buy]
[website] [myspace]

Why I like Coconut Records: You knew I had to include something related to Zooey Deschanel (see:  her engagement to Ben Gibbard–of which I’m jealous, but there are people out there who are far more jealous than I).

West Coast | Coconut Records
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6 January, 2009, 734 pm
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If you think that I listened to Melpo Mene for the entire month of décembre, then you’ve been fooled by my stealthy lying skills.  Though lyke I ttlly wish I did.  It simply did not occur to me because I was downing shot after shot of Andrew Bird all day every day.

20070227_andrew_bird_taggedNow, before, all I had listened to was The Mysterious Production of Eggs (and a few songs from Armchair Apocrypha).  I received this album from the mystical Santy Claus in 2006-almost-2007 (or was it 2005-almost-2006?), fell in love, and never got bored with it for two fucking years (not just regular years, mind you).  But upon visiting Ali’s place of residence in novembre, I was hit by “Dark Matter,” which she (Ali) assured me was her favourite song ever.  I felt beyond dumb because Andrew Bird was up there as one of my four favourite artists, and he was especially high on my charts, but I owned just one album.

I reached out and obtained several more albums to add to my beautiful collection and soon took the time to listen to them.  When I started listening, I was unable to stop, especially after I purchased these premium Skullcandy earbuds, which cost so much less than iPod earbuds and are so much higher quality.

Anyway, I figured I ought to give you the best of the best (of what I have, save for Soldier On, since I do have that but have not listened to it enough yet), and the best way to accomplish this is to give you this .rar file I have ready-made, and then I guess to give you the individual mp3s, too.

Andrew Bird Tidbits.rar
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Fiery Crash | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

I | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Sovay | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Lull | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Dark Matter | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Masterfade | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Swedish Folk Tune | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Don’t Be Scared | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

The Supine | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Scythian Empire | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

The Naming Of Things | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

Tables and Chairs | Andrew Bird
[mediafire] [buy]

And if you like Andrew Bird, then I would also go out ona  limb to recommend Beirut, Rufus Wainwright, Final Fantasy, and Sufjan Stevens for similar vibes.

One last thing.  While I think that Demi Lovato is one of the prettier Disney Channel stars (not just cuz of her hair, guys), one with a premium Disney-created voice and a first-rate Disney-created image, man, her mouth is like…what the fuck.  You really have to see it in action to get the gist of what I’m saying.  And I think she’s positively gorgeous, but when I watch her mouth, sometimes I am grossed out.  It’s kind of like Miley Cyrus’ mouth, only not as exaggeratedly fucked.  Also, you think about this generation of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon stars, and they’re not actually attractive at all.  A few that I can point out who are include Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miranda Cosgrove.  You could also include Brenda Song, I guess, but she’s far older than this 90s-born generation.  When I was a kid, I just don’t remember this plague of fucked-up faces.


Here is a story for you.  I thought I had four As and one B this semester at college.  When I checked my grades online, I found that I had four As and one C.  The C was in my one-credit Intro to University class, where we did jack shit and my teacher was a certified phony.  I’d nabbed As in Psyc, English, Math, and Gov.  This was not an easy feat.  And that one-credit piece of shit class dragged down my GPA.  Needless to say, I was at least a little frustrated, and supposing my cousin, Liz, chances upon this entry, she will probably correct me and tell me that I cried and she wanted to punch me in the face.  College is something you have to pay for, so my mentality was to achieve all As (unlike my high school mentality, which was “Fuck It”).

However, I still made Dean’s List.  This is extremely satisfying.

My message to you is:  If you go to VCU, do not take Univ 101 no matter how your advisor urges that you do so.  It’s just not worth the time.

I will give you two more things today.

The first is a book recommendation.  If you’re like me, then you have multitudes of books lying around your room and your suitcase that you cannot wait to read, yet there are still so many more that you have not yet acquired of which you yearn to get ahold.  And you’re ever so open to recommendations, as you love to read and you love books, but at the same time, you barely have room for another book in your life right now.  I am like this now, and I was also like this when I purchased the book that I am currently reading, but I urge you to do whatever you can to make room for this book.  And I’ll tell you what this book is.

But first, I have to admit that I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet.  I feel so overwhelmed now because I must have about a million undiscovered gems to read, especially considering the grandeur that is this novel.


The book is called Everything Is Illuminated and it was written by Jonathan Safran Foer.  And I’ll have to leave it at that, because it’s impossible to describe in all its intricacies.  I can tell you that if you doubt me at all, then just read the first “chapter” piece, narrated by Alex in hilariously fucked-up English.  If you’re a language person like I am, then you’ll appreciate these segments.  And if you still doubt me, then turn to the next “chapter” piece, narrated by Jonathan.  If you’re a detail-oriented person like I am, then you’ll appreciate these segments.  And if you still doubt me, well, you might as well read the entire novel.  It’s thick but the pages fly by.  And it’s probably worth it.

I might as well add that yes, a movie version does exist, and it may or may not be loyal to the book and it may or may not be fulfilling, but I only recommend the book.  It is worthwhile to read the book.  Elijah Wood is in the movie, but I don’t know whether or not it is worthwhile to watch.  Just read the book already.

Also, okay, since I had to find a photo of the book cover, I also ran into shots from the movie and it is tempting to watch it now.  But please, be a good person and read the book.

The last well…maybe the last thing I wanted to tell you is that of course I enjoy Melpo Mene, and that I have another Melpo Mene track to share with you.  Not unlike the band’s other tracks, this one is a sweet, soft lullaby-like crooner tune but it strikes me probably because it is both incredibly joyous and terribly melancholy at the same time.  It is not unlike a sunny afternoon on a day where you’ve slept too much, because while it’s dandy that everything is gorgeous and that you are well-rested, the sunlight will go away soon and the day will end and then you’ll have nothing to do.

I should get away | Melpo Mene
[zshare] [mediafire]
[website] [myspace]

And I was just thinking that maybe this should be the end of my post, but I have decided to take it upon myself to introduce to you a phenomenon.  If you have already seen this phenomenon, then I am proud of you.  But I can only go a few days or weeks without seeing this video before having to refresh my memory.

It’s not that I think this girl is stupid or that I want to hate on her.  I just find her videos humorous in content.  This is probably the most popular one, but her others are gems as well.  She can be good-natured and excited, which in turn brings a smile to my face maybe because her good moods are fairly contagious, or maybe because she’s just so unbearably silly.  It kind of reminds me of an exaggerated version of me reacting to anything to do with Rilo Kiley.  I’m not praising her views on Twilight, though.  I find it fairly silly to defend something like a popular (and allegedly poorly-written) piece of literature so relentlessly and without restraint.  This sort of video by a self-proclaimed “twituber” makes me want to test Twilight for myself so I can be a better judge, since my taste in literature is relatively acute.  Then again, most girls who read Twilight, their taste is acute too.  They mostly refuse to branch out from the Young Adult section, which means they’ll just imbibe novels like A-List, The Clique, and other such teen romance/girl-fiction shit.

4 January, 2009, 1125 pm
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I do not like what they are teaching my 13-year-old sister at CCD.

In case you are wondering what CCD is, it is basically Bible school or Sunday school.  These volunteer parents and sometimes nuns, priests, and deacons teach you about Christianity.  It’s no fun, nobody wants to go except kind of to see their friends, and sometimes they give you nonvegan candy to reel you back in.  All of this, so you can learn the watered-down, filtered version of Christianity so that you’ll consent to the sacrament of Confirmation.

In case you are wondering what CCD stands for, it stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.  I learned this tonight, because I was reading my sister’s CCD notebook.  Yes, they have homework for church classes.  It’s ridiculous.

But what’s more ridiculous is that “confraternity” bullcrap.  A fraternity is a brotherhood, which signifies the exclusion of women.  A confraternity is a group of men bound by a common interest or profession (in this case, Catholicism).  As a feminist, I smell something fishy and outrageous about this.  Don’t give me shit that a confraternity could include women.  The Catholic church especially has fun excluding women from positions of power.  Women are deprived of one entire sacrament–the holy order.  And it’s all because of “tradition.”  That is not equal, and I would argue that it’s not ethical either.  What reasoning is there?

Another thing that pissed me off was that my sister had written SEX and then put a big old prohibitory sign around it, and she did the same with PORN.  While I don’t think any 13-year-old should be particularly interested in sexual intercourse, I don’t think that they should be taught that it’s a horrible temptation that will send you straight to hell.  What exactly draws that line where this one thing is okay after marriage but completely damning before?  And in my opinion, pornography can be liberating, intriguing, and artistic.  It is not a temptation at all.  Sex is a necessity.  It’s just society that has such a problem with it.

The last thing in her notebook that annoyed me profoundly was something where she was told to define matrimony as “man + woman.”  Strictly man + woman.  And then she was told to define a holy order as “man + church.”  This is extremely exclusive and poisoning, and also incredibly frustrating.  They’re teaching my siblings this, as well as the siblings of my peers.  And it’s detrimental to society as a whole.

The good news is that I talked to her, and she agrees that the given definitions of matrimony and holy orders are frustrating, and also seemed at least fairly interested in feminism, asking a few questions and nodding along when I told her about society’s ills.  But it must be hard to acquire interest in something that seems so hopelessly wrong, which has no definite solution.