31 December, 2007, 814 pm
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Ummm, happy holidays, I guess.  This time of year makes me binge-eat junk food and cry a lot.  I like to read and think.  And Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk changed my life.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know anymore.  I don’t know right now.  I promise this isn’t a drunk post or any jank like that.  I don’t even drink.  Haha.  I’m just lost, I guess, in thinking about next year and about how many bad choices I’ve made, and thinking about who I really care about and how happy everyone really is.  Personal connections and all.  More music soon.

For the time being, this song is all I’ve been listening to lately.  It makes me think of last night, walking down the streets after it had snowed and the clouds had all gone away.  It was a winter wonderland, so peaceful, and everyone was asleep and you could see the stars.  It felt like we four were the only people left in the world.  And then I thought of someone.

Moose and Me

Fake Empire | The National


This past weekend, when I had time to listen to music (which was rare), it was one of three things.

Elliott Smith. The soundtrack to Across the Universe. Tegan and Sara. I know what you’re thinking. “Awesome.”

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith is dead. He has also been underappreciated on my blog. I haven’t given him enough lovin’. The truth of the matter is that I idolize him, but I don’t know how to go about presenting that. His voice is so soft and tender, it’s like…why’d he have to die? I have this cover he did of “Jealous Guy,” and at the beginning, he’s talking, he says, “How ’bout a cover? Any whistlers in the crowd? This is your big chance…there’s a whistle solo.” He says it, but it feels like he’s singin’ it, it’s that gentle. I like Elliott Smith. I just don’t know how to appreciate him. I know it would kind of seem like dancing on his grave to post some songs, like, “Fuck yes! No one makes money off these anymore!” but trust me when I say that I don’t mean for it to appear that way.

It’s pretty common knowledge that “Waltz #2” is my favourite Elliott Smith song, so I shall try and do something different here.

Little One | Elliott Smith
Shooting Star | Elliott Smith

Mainly, the “Shooting Star” guitar. Yeeeah.

Across the Universe

Across the Universe was a “good” movie. Problem? I haven’t seen it yet! Balls. HOWEVER, the soundtrack kicks ass. Major ass.

I’ve Just Seen A Face | Jim Sturgess

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are twins. Identical twins, actually. Thanks to my sistahhh, I’ve been listening to their one song over and over and over and over and over again, but I found a pretty sweet-ass remix that I’ll put hyahh fer yous guys.

Back In Your Head | Tegan and Sara
Back In Your Head (Tyler Fedchuk 1/2Alive Disco Remix) | Tegan and Sara

Invisible Monsters

While I’m writing about amazing things, tonight, I finished a book that Ali lent me. It’s called Invisible Monsters and it’s by Chuck Palahniuk, who is probably best-known for Fight Club. I can’t describe this novel to you, but I can tell you that if people actually read Chuck Palahniuk’s books (or just read in general, fuck) instead of just watching the movies based on his books, then wow. Maybe people would remember this one instead of Fight Club. Then again, I dunno. I’ve only read one of his books. I know I have to read more now, though. I suppose that once you go Palahniuk you never go back. Maybe.

13 December, 2007, 1234 am
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Charlotte Gainsbourg

Jamais | Charlotte Gainsbourg [buy]

Michio’s Death Drive (Michio aka Monostereo Remix) | Minus the Bear [buy]

Listen to the basssssss. Gaddamn.

11 December, 2007, 936 pm
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Currently, I am compiling a list of songs from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”  You should read it, especially if you have social phobia.  It’ll be like a small candle in a very dark room.  Even if you’re not like Charlie in any way, or if you’re a grown-up who doesn’t care, it’s a quick read and it pretty much knocks the wind out of you in how touching and familiar it is.  The book is about a high school freshman named Charlie who writes letters to someone anonymous about his life, and he makes friends finally, feels infinite, and falls in love with someone but keeps it hidden from her because he’s afraid she won’t want that.   I can’t tell you anything else, though; you’ll have to read it.  I’ve written about it before, I think, once.

The Smiths

Anyway, the one song I remember most prominently from the novel is “Asleep” by the Smiths.  Incidentally, I’m wearing my Smiths tee shirt today, which I acquired on sale at Urban Outfitter’s after reading another book influenced by them.

Asleep | The Smiths [buy]

Today I decided that I shall stop thinking about what other people are thinking and experiencing and feeling when I should not be and I’ll just clamp down on school like crazy.  That doesn’t mean I won’t still dwell on how nice people are when someone holds open the door for me or stops by the old ugly green locker 538.  I stopped accidentally staring during classes today, by the way, which makes me seem less like a creep.  Though wearing my glasses makes me feel spacey because I lose peripheral vision when I wear them, so I tend to accidentally stare more than usual just because.

Oh, one more thing.  Derek’s in the hospital right now but he’s not comatose, not injured, and apparently feeling better, which is a jolly occasion.

I’m giving you a song that I was graciously reunited with today, and I fuckin’ love it.  But I think I may take it down after a few weeks, possibly, just as common courtesy.  You should probably check out the blog I found it on.  I probably wouldn’t normally steal that there blog’s thunder, but apparently they are so courteous as to take down songs after a few weeks and I wouldn’t want you to lose the opportunity to hear this song.

Dog | El Perro Del Mar [buy]

9 December, 2007, 1137 pm
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I need a rather social break from home that doesn’t involve school, family, or people I know.

I was just flipping through my copy of Rolling Stone–the 40th Anniversary edition–and I came across a promotional code to enter in iTunes that would give me 40 free $ongsssss!  That’s roughly $40 worth of merchandise for the simple price of skimming through my humongo $6.95 magazine that my mom paid for one drunken night at Applebee’s when she sent us children over to Sheetz!  SWEET.  I’m not sure if they do that in all their issues, but man…awesome.

I already have some of the songs, though, for example, “Parentheses” by the Blow, and “I’ll Believe in Anything” by Wolf Parade.  And “Is There A Ghost” by Band of Horses.  So I guess if you live under a rock and happen to stumble upon said promotional code, it’s more beneficial.  Then again, you won’t know what’s going on in the rest of the fairly expensive magazine.  Whatever, though, I’m really excited.

So I’ll post two songs today from artists that I have surely posted before and probably shall post again, for shizzle.

“I Don’t Do Crowds” is my favourite song to listen to on the walk to school, just because it’s happy.  It makes me feel sunny, like it has to be a good day.   “A Man/Me/Then Jim” just makes me happier when I am already fairly content, sort of like raspberry sorbet (fucking owns), hugs & kisses, making people laugh, or art class.

I Don’t Do Crowds | Camera Obscura [buy]
A Man/Me/Then Jim | Rilo Kiley [buy]

8 December, 2007, 1258 am
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I’m not facetious or sarcastic anymore!  It BURNS!!!

I’m gaining back my old touch, though, gradually.  And I publicly apologize to the Lieutenant.  Most of you don’t know him.  I don’t think you wanna.

So a while ago, I was watching CNN after school and I flipped out when I heard an Andrew Bird song come on.  However, in about 30 seconds, the commercial was over, and by the time I’d gotten to my computer, I had forgotten the sound.  WELL, today I heard it again from inside my room, thank God I’m the lazy ass I am, and I hereby present to you the Andrew Bird song on some sort of hotel commercial.

/=/ | Andrew Bird

6 December, 2007, 611 pm
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Since today is Thursday and I had art class, I shall post several songs that I have taken a liking to.  Just because it’s Thursday.  And I got the privilege of walking home from school in sunlight with like two inches of snow.  It was a dangerous trek, but I loved every minute.  Yesssss.  MY SISTER AND I ARE SPEED-WALKERS.  I shall tell my day in songs.

Cat Power

So, le premier.  Right before I went to bed last night, I was chillin’ on iTunes when I noticed that Cat Power was playing.  I have, in fact, underappreciated Chan Marshall, despite the fact that I know her real name, know what she looks like, AND can recognize her voice.  All three are signs of appreciation.  Well, that’s arguable, actually.  For her from me, they’re signs of appreciation.  But I’ve never really delved into the mystique that is Cat Power.  Thus, I shall post the song that I listened to three times in a row last night before reluctantly (and rudely) shutting off my computer the wrong way (again).

The Greatest | Cat Power [buy]

It’s a fireside song.  I don’t know if that means anything, but because of the orchestral-eque-ness, the atmospheric guitar, and her soft, familiar voice, I could probably listen to it any time of year at any time of day, supposing I was in a tender mood.  Or like, tired.  Let’s just say it takes a special kind of song to make it onto my iPod these days.


Since I generally get to bed later than LATE, I normally fall asleep a bit during school.  But during study hall, that’s okay!  The auditorium seats at Lewisburg have never been comfier.  And today it was actually above zero degrees Kelvin in there!  So I fell asleep nicely to this here Sparklehorse song.

Sea of Teeth | Sparklehorse [buy]

It’s one that’s quite often mistaken for Rilo Kiley, just because the singer’s voice is so soft like Blake Sennett’s.  But think about it–and correct me if I’m wrong, but since when did Rilo Kiley ever use a piano?  Also…where’s Jenny Lewis on backing vocals?!  SHE’S NOT THERE.  That’s proof that it’s not Rilo Kiley.


Continuing with my day, when I woke up, “Yours to Keep” by the Teddybears had just come on.  I don’t feel like posting that one just because it’s not appropriate for today.  Maybe some other time.  I skipped twenty million songs until I found one mellow enough for me to wake up to in time for lunch.

Young Bride | Midlake  [buy]

I always like that orchestra sound.  I love it.  And the percussion really modernizes and universalizes it, if that makes any sense.  It’s got a hot beat, even it’s a lyrically sad song.

After lunch during the end of studayyy hall, I stumbled across some good old Bright Eyes.  During school, I normally have this no Bright Eyes policy, but today it was okay.  I shall save that song for another day, though, when I’m finally reunited with all my CDs.

Sufjan Stevens

So…on the walk home from school, I switched on a Sufjan Stevens one, which fit the mood of snow.  It doesn’t really need explanation.

Holland | Sufjan Stevens [buy]

The National

Currently, I’m staked out in my room because I’m attending my sixth-grade sister’s band concert tonight.  She plays alto sax and it’s as large as she is.  But I’m listening to this song and despite the fact that I adore the Arcade Fire…it’s funny that the National opened for them when I saw them, but Boxer is apparently pwning Neon Bible on everyone’s lists.  As a die-hard Arcade Fire fan, I’m kind of sad to admit that I can see why.

Squalor Victoria | The National [buy]

5 December, 2007, 1003 pm
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Actually, it snowed earlier today. It’s not ACTUALLY still snowing.


So today, due to being trapped inside and it being very wintery, I shall post a rather nostalgic song. I am rather happy today. The buildup to Christmas is my favourite holiday season. Christmas isn’t all that great or anything, especially since, well, family get-togethers are chaotic lately, but I love how much it’s romanticized, and I love the seasonal music and the movies and being cuddly. And I especially love scarves.

Put Us Back Together Right | Headlights [buy]

PS. You ought to buy their album, Kill Them With Kindness. It’s quite hard to find at rational places where you think you’ll be able to find it, but it’s a seriously sick awesome nasty sicknasty sweet hardxcore investment of time and money. Though, of course, I got it for my birthday in August from un ami after raiding record sections at local not-record stores in the tricounty area around Richmond. At first, I thought it would only be a spring kind of album, but it fits my mood rather nicely lately.


Broken Heart by Hotel Lyric on Flickr

Pretty dramatic. Haha, I hate being dramatic.

Since my love life has been screwed over as of last night, my insides have been pretty cold all day. TOTAL FUCKING KARMA. I deserve it. Thus, today deserves a not-love song. However, I feel that posting a not-love song would be jinxing it. So instead of posting a not-love song, I’m going to post some of my favourite songs for “rough times.” We’ll call it the “Hopeful Mix.” Or something. Kinda corny.

Hopeful Mix | zip file

1. A Better Son/Daughter | Rilo Kiley [buy]
And sometimes when you’re on/You’re really fuckin’ on/And your friends they sing along and they love you/But the lows are so extreme/That the good seems fuckin’ cheap/And it teases you for weeks in its absence
Basically, this is why I love Rilo Kiley so much. I mean, they’re kickin’ and screamin’ and marchin’ for happiness. That’s what this song almost feels like–a march. And it reminds you of everyone who loves you, and it put Jenny Lewis in the ranks of people who’ve got your back. She knows what you’re going through, and you’ll survive. Look how awesome she turned out.

2. Crown of Love | The Arcade Fire [buy]
If you still want me/Please forgive me/Because the spark/Is not within me
“Crown of Love” is definitely a winter song by The Arcade Fire, which is definitely a winter band. The violin says it all. My favourite part is the end, which you could almost dance to.

3. All The Young Dudes | Mott the Hoople [buy]
And my brother’s back at home with his Beatles and his Stones/We never got it off on that Revolution stuff/What a drag too many snags
This track’s in the trailer for Juno. The lyrics aren’t particularly hopeful or anything. Just, the use in the trailer makes it out to be a hopeful song, so that’s how I’ll always see it.

4. Hold Me Now (Radio Edit) | The Polyphonic Spree [buy]
You’re still miles away
What a fanfare. But seriously, the Polyphonic Spree can grant hope any day. It’s just the whole orchestra vibe they’ve got goin’ on.

5. Hey Jude | The Beatles [buy]
Take a sad song and make it better/Remember to let her under your skin/Before you begin to make it better
My reasoning? The transition from softer to louder. Also, fuckin’ revolution. I want to see Across the Universe.

6. Your Heart Is An Empty Room | Death Cab for Cutie [buy]
All you see/Is where else you could be when you’re at home
This is one of my favourite songs of all time, and I just wish I could convey the extent to which I love it, but I just can’t. I wish I had a pal like Ben Gibbard.

7. Cleanse Song | Bright Eyes [buy]
And if life seems absurd/What you need is some laughter/And a season to sleep/And a place to get clean/Maybe Los Angeles/Somewhere no one’s expecting
Erika brought me to Bright Eyes with Lifted. “Coat Check Dream Song sounds nothing like my first tastes of indie, but it’s so irresistibly beachy clean. Although I’ve not yet completely accepted Cassadaga, maybe just because Conor Oberst was clean in making it, I do like this song. It’s really light.

8. Hey, You In The Pants | The Underquotes
The Underquotes broke up earlier in 2007 after releasing a few pretty tight songs. None of their songs have lyrics, and this one especially may be a bit raw, but just listen. It’s not a sad song, that’s for sure. To me, it just speaks for itself.

9. The Henney Buggy Band | Sufjan Stevens [buy]
Oh Father John, you cannot tell me/What’s right and wrong/You cannot tell me
This song was introduced to me as the favourite Sufjan Stevens song of someone very close to me. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I actually picked it up and started listening avidly. “The Henney Buggy Band” seems happy. But it seems that way because it’s nostalgic. And I dunno about you, but nostalgia makes me feel good sometimes.

10. Look Up | Stars [buy]
So far keeping it together’s been enough/But look up rain is falling/Looks like love
The reason I started listening to this song in the first place is that it was mentioned in the book Miss Misery. David wants to give Cat a mix tape, and he puts this on it. He notes that it’s hopeful, and there’s hope for them to be together. Of course, in the end, he doesn’t give her the CD after seeing her immense collection of them and learning of her immense dislike for them. Well, I’m not saying there’s hope for me to be with someone, but I am saying that it’s possible to be as happy again.

11. Kissing the Lipless | The Shins [buy]
But you’ve/Got too much to wear on your sleeves/It has too much to do with me/And secretly/I want bury in the yard/The grey remains/Of a friendship scarred
The Shins make me happy.

12. Teenage Love Song | Rilo Kiley
I still love you/And always will/All those motel rooms/Ya footed the bill
LAWLZ. So much angerrrr! I’m not mad myself, but ah, her situation makes mine seem fairly minuscule.

2 December, 2007, 355 pm
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UPDATE: A clever MySpace friend pointed me to MediaFire, so I have no more problems. You still won’t be able to listen to the music in your web browser, but it’s far less annoying than zShare, as there’s no waiting time and there are no annoying ads.  I’m gradually updating all of the download links on this site, but it’ll take a few days.  Thanks for your patience.

Everyone, I’m fixing my links gradually so you can keep downloading like crazy. Just, MediaMax won’t support any more downloads from my account, which pisses me off since they weren’t explicit that there was a limit on that, but whatever. It’s a free site (at least my account is) and I really can’t do anything about it since I’m not paying for it. So I’m going to start using zSHARE and sendspace for the time being, until I can get a free account somewhere else.

In the meantime, to tide you over, I’ll give you a track by James Figurine. It’s incredibly electronic and spacey. My favourite part is about halfway through when it calms down a little and becomes rather atmospheric. Sounds like a highway at night.

Ruining The Sundays | James Figurine [buy]

I know that zShare is annoying with all the clicks you have to do, so I’ll try to find somewhere new to put my music. But I promise that the music you’ll get is worth it.

1 December, 2007, 1155 pm
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Little Miss Sunshine Quick post! Today, after marching in the Lewisburg Victorian Parade, I was exhausted, even if it’s the last parade of the season. So I went home, curled up on the couch, and watched Little Miss Sunshine, which happens to be my favourite movie of all time. You just can’t beat the raw emotions there, especially since they’re connected to family, and mine’s dysfunctional.

Anyway, after watching a movie such as that, it’s natural to want a kiss. It’s just a sweet movie! It’s about love. Then again, everything’s about love.

Well, the music in the film is a fantabulous contributor to the entire mood. Thus, I present you two tracks: the infamous Sufjan Stevens one that will always, for the rest of time, be associated with this movie…and another no-so-infamous track that’s still fuckin’ awesome.

Chicago | Sufjan Stevens [buy]
How It Ends | DeVotchKa [buy]

The first one makes me cry when I listen to it after I’ve watched the movie, and the latter is just beautiful and nostalgic and…ahh gawd. Makes me crave a pique-nique and a kiss. What a fantastic film.

By the way, the picture I’ve posted in this blog is my favourite part of the movie.