This is my first roll of Diana+ Dreamer film.  I exposed it a little before I started, while I was loading, because it confused the fuck out of me.  I am a n00b, but now I know.

Also, I want to give you a song as a peace offering.  It was warm yesterday and this song came on at the bus stop.  On beautiful days, I’m extremely open to listening to music that I haven’t tested yet, whereas on dreadful days, I prefer comforting familiars.

Town of 85 Lights | The Occasional Keepers
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It’s been on my computer for probably forever, but it really struck me as something else, you know?  It’s almost as though it’s from a different era.  It’s a weird listen, but not displeasing.

Today, two friends and I journeyed to Carytown, because apparently it hit a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit here, which is sweet.  It was a nice walk, and I got to ride a bike part of the way.  I love riding bikes, and I love bike riders.  It’s a problem.

While we were in town, we hit up Richmond Camera to pick up my film.  The people there are always helpful, not snobbish like you may expect artistic people to be.  We also went to Smoothie King for sick smoothies and then Bang-on to browse.

Tomorrow, Virginia and I plan to take rva’s advice and hit up Re-Cycles for sick bikes.

11 May, 2008, 447 pm
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Hey, I can be cliché, too.  Right from the comfort of my own home.  I love my mom.

pulling the scene together