10 November, 2008, 432 pm
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I need to share this.

Today, I eight books.

Running With Scissors ($14.00)
Fast Food Nation ($14.95)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass ($4.95)
Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress ($12.95)
Girl, Interrupted ($12.00)
Reading Lolita in Tehran ($13.95)
The Snobs ($3.00)
Seedfolks ($5.99)

I also bought five CDs, which you can round to about $10 apiece).

When We Break by Cursive
by Fiona Apple
When The Pawn
by Fiona Apple
The Alternative to Love
by Brendan Benson
A Paste Magazine DVD Sampler

And it sounds like I spent a lot of money.  Over $100, that’s a lot of money.

There was a book sale at the library, though, and I got all of this quality stuff that I’ve been eyeing for a long time for let’s see.  $0.75 for the first six books.  $0.50 for the last two books.  $1.00 for each CD.  So I believe it was $10.50 altogether.  I think that was way worth it.

Also, don’t argue with me on the “freeness” of the Paste Magazine sampler.  If I’d bought the magazine with the CD, it would have cost me upwards of $3.00, I think.  I got a bargain today.

EDIT: Way up there, I meant to say, “Today, I bought eight books.”  The comments were just too good, though.  I want people to be able to follow them.


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I accidentally the whole book is this bad?

Comment by wut?!


Comment by indiechouette

You need a verb.

I can’t answer your question without a verb.

It’s impossible.

Comment by indiechouette

it is a reference to your line “Today, I eight books.”
you spelled ate wrong, sir.

Comment by lolz

Internet Heroes…

Comment by wut?!

I’m a ma’am.

Comment by indiechouette

i miss book sales like dat :(

Comment by divya

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