Taylor Hollingsworth is a man to watch.

Onstage, he is reservedly seductive.  But damn, can he play guitar.  You just need to watch him.

Also, tonight I realized that I am not a fangirl, and I do not get starstruck.  I probably realized this after Man Man.  When I see someone “famous,” I do not scream.  When I meet someone famous, I do not scream.  In fact, I simply don’t talk.  This isn’t because I’m stricken, but it’s more because my shyness takes on again.  I guess with people who have to deal with people like me all day, I can be myself.  But a “famous” person?  I don’t particuarly care about “famous” people more than I care about anyone else, and let’s face it.  They don’t care about me.

So when Conor Oberst unbuttoned his shirt, I did not have an orgasm.  When Taylor Hollingsworth looked in my direction (though likely not at me), I did not scream or really react, except by looking back and offering a reassurring half-smile and then looking away.  I do not want to suck the dicks of famous musicians.  Know why?  I wouldn’t be the first, and I wouldn’t be the last, and I wouldn’t matter.  That’s why.

Man Man made me skeptical.

Also, Ben Kweller played “Sundress.”  I think that was the highlight of the night for me, even if he did look like a 90s motorcycle gang member or my dad (attire).  Taylor Hollingsworth made the Mystic Valley Band worth it.  Actually, all the guys in the band were great.  Jason Boesel, Macey Taylor (he was a cool, nice-seeming guy who kept smiling), Nik Freitas, and Nate Walcott (who I couldn’t really see…).  Conor Oberst was cool to watch, but I would have preferred Bright Eyes.  And fangirls who yell stupid things during silences like, “YOU’RE SO SEXY CONOR!!!!!!!!111!!!one!!!!” ruin it for everyone.  Really.


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hey, they just posted a full concert over at NPR:

if you want to relive the glory.

last time i went to a Bright Eyes show, Conor was so drunk that he could barely stand up, together with all the girls telling him how sexy he is. in fact, i think the whole band was trashed. even the triangle player kept fucking up.

BUT Conor puts on a good show on his own. the NPR spot is a good listen.

Comment by puttysauce

Oh, man. I saw Bright Eyes on their Cassadaga tour and it was a fucking life-changing experience. Every concert thereafter has been sort of a let down. I also sort of feel like Conor needs to go to rehab or something, but that’s just me. Maybe then he would lose all of his creativity…man, that’s a tough choice. A sober, healthy Conor, or more wonderful music? Maybe he’ll just never go, and we’ll never find out. And then die of an O.D. or alcohol poisoning or something. Wow, sorry for this downer of a comment.

Comment by Kate

First off, I am def jeal about the concert. I must see him live! But I totally agree with the fangirl comment. They really do ruin shows.

Comment by Colourkid

When I saw Conor and the MVB in LA at the Troubadour a couple months ago it was a great show. I stuck around afterward only because I was alone and in Hollywood and had no where else to be at the time. I actually met Conor and tried to talk to him about his song Cape Canaveral, since I used to live there and despised it…
About a month ago, I was watching that movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” with my daughter, and that’s about how it was meeting Conor. I couldn’t even have a conversation with him because he was drunk…it was really disappointing =(

Comment by imapixie

I think you need to update this. It’s been a while.

Comment by SaraDay

i feel the same, like, since moving here i have met a few famous people, but have only got slightly starstuck by my favourites (parenthetical girls).

p.s. i have a new music blog!, give it some time and you might find something nice there :)

Comment by adam

Commence forthwith homosexual.

Comment by wut?!

that taylor is one helluva guitbox playa.

Comment by black kids

black kids, I agree. I was blown away. Incredibly impressed. Still am, really.

Comment by indiechouette

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