5 November, 2008, 1256 am
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Lost my voting virginity.  The ladies who helped me at the polls were so nice and so excited to help me.  It was an A+ experience.

I ate lunch with Errkuh at Whole Foods, which was awesomely vegan.  We went to Starbucks and I got a free black coffee (it was free…) but wouldn’t pay forty cents for soymilk, because Starbucks hates vegans.  Fuck Starbucks.  I put in like 3 gallons of sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Then I went home and went to class and shit, and thennn I went to the gym.

I felt so good at the gym.  So good.  And then I came home and just before I got on the elevator, this girl skipped in and alerted everyone that Obama won.  And then everyone started yelling and screaming happily.

I love VCU.

Also, I want the youth voter stats.


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Oh mannnnn I couldn’t fall asleep last night because people were yelling and screaming “O-bam-a” in the streets. It was so cool :)

Comment by SaraDay

ahahah pauline was like TURN THE TV ON in the middle of the night, she basically sat straight up in bed like she was possessed…it was hilarious. then we turned it on and he started giving his speech and i was like OMGWTFYAY.

Comment by divya

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