26 September, 2006, 138 am
Filed under: Music, School

What’s good and dandylicious? Being ill. With a cold. All day, it felt like my head was separate from my body, or that the back half of my body was being torn painfully away by some invisible darkness, making everything behing me seem like an endless black void. Ouch, right? That, and I had no distance perception; I forget what it’s called, but I used to have it when I was little when I was tired. It’s where things that are relatively close seem like they’re football fields away, and maybe even smaller than they are. I shouldn’t have gone to band practice today. Honestly. Ransome was in the worst mood ever. I think that we do better when he’s in a better mood. This band depends solely on his morale, which is cool when he’s ecstatic, but when he’s angry or flustered, we can’t fix it.

Lately, I’ve had the urge to play The Sims as in the original Sims, especially with the Makin’ Magic expansion pack. God, I used to rock that game. Except now I remember that in the original, they couldn’t die or grow up. Maybe I’m just craving the music, or the concept of perfecting everything without running out of time. I feel like I’m running out of time.


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I know EXACTLY how you feel. With being sick and all. I was sick today, and I had to go to school and stuff, and from 2nd to 3rd block I thought I was going to go to sleep on the tables I felt so bad.

And band WAS bad, but I really think we either need to lose the backdrops, or dedicate a whole effing practice to them!

Comment by Laura

HAHAHAHA I must say, that whole thing about the Edision Pit guy made me laugh. I think it was the “heh heh..” haha. I’m strange, but kay. anyways…I totally hate the idea of the guard being seperate. I listened to the winterguard song he chose, and it sounds….not as cool as our theme last year. And also, i am going to miss the fact that there are no longer only 6 people performing in the winter. There will be 20. gag me.

Comment by Laura

I have now added my website oOoOoOoOo WEEEEE.

I have a bad memory of Ransome, but I probably don’t understand his mystique, since I ,after all,was an intruder and a trespasser.

I’m looking at your sidenotes about CDs, and saying to myself over and over; “Soo-fee-onn….soofian….soooofeeahn”

Comment by Edawg

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