1 July, 2008, 1004 am
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I love this commercial.

I also love this one.

They just make me exceptionally happy.

Know what else makes me exceptionally happy?  Yelle.

Ce n’est pas seulement parce que la fille chante en français.  La voix a de la jeunesse comme la voix d’Erin Fein, mais plus légère.  Et j’aime l’accent de Yelle.  Alors, ma chanson favourite de Yelle est “Les Femmes.”  Elle est très fluide, et je veux écouter souvent ce chanson.

Les Femmes | Yelle
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Yelle’s Website
Yelle’s MySpace

One particular reason I enjoy listening to Yelle is that she’s got a cute voice, not a sexy one.  Just cute.  And if you look at her photos, she’s also cute but rarely sexy.  She’s stylish in the style of M.I.A. or Santogold, but it’s not necessarily an extremely feminine stylishness.  It’s just different.  And she doesn’t rely on sex appeal to get her anywhere, even if she is attractive and does have that option.  She’s also got quite a sense of humour, and if you watch any of her music videos, you’ll see loads of cameos.  For example, ever watch David Blaine Street Magic?  Know Zaoza?  Look close enough and you’ll see him in “Je Veux Te Voir.”