30 April, 2008, 1137 am
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I always love freckles, on absolutely anyone.

I am in English class on a Macbook. Nothing interesting has happened today, not yet, but I think that I should go downtown today to distribute my project. After all, it is due tomorrow.

Here is a list of things I must do, in no particular order. I enjoy making lists. It calms me down.

Before Prom..
1. Buy Post Prom tickets
2. Buy The Things They Carried
3. Start my lit crit on above book
4. Go running today
5. Distribute my project
6. Order cap and gown (way, waaaay late)
7. Try hard not to shave or touch eyebrows
8. Wash face obsessively
9. Get shoes for Prom
10. Get jacket or SOMETHING for Prom
11. Try to figure out what to do with hair for Prom

1. Go running in the morning
2. Shave
3. Wash feet well
4. Do something with nails
5. Do hair
6. Pick up flowers
7. Charge camera batteries and such

Ahh. That list didn’t cover everything. I’m still going to be stressed.