11 February, 2010, 939 pm
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I just did either the dumbest thing I could ever do OR the most awesome thing I could ever do.  Or both.  Whichever it was, I got the butterflies and a simultaneous feeling of nervousness when I bought the tickets.  I’m betting they’re going to be so fucking worth it.

I bought tickets to Bonnaroo.  I have coveted Bonnaroo for so long.

Anyway, if any of you think you’re going to go to Bonnaroo, holler at me.  We could exchange sacred contact information and meet up with me and Ali when the time comes, and then you can see how very awkward I am and laugh your ass off at me.  But I’d seriously love to do it.  Bonnaroo is for meeting people, riiiight?!


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Comment by divya


I’m going with mah boo — I have also dreamed about doing so for years. I would love to meet up and be mutually awkward.

Comment by kate

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