2 January, 2010, 446 pm
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As a dedicated francophile and one who is in love with La Science des Rêves, I listened to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s whispery sophomore album, 5:55 a whole dang lot.  Naturally, I was ecstatic when I found out earlier this year that she was due out with another album, which turned out to become IRM.  When Alex showed me the video for “Heaven Can Wait,” I was not disappointed.  And when I obtained said album, I still remained undisappointed, which is a grand feat for me ever since Rilo Kiley’s Under The Blacklight killed me.  It took me a while to get used to Charlotte’s new, very Beck-influenced style (obviously), but I’d say that all in all, Ms. Gainsbourg’s musical career has taken a turn for the better with Beck on board.  The percussion is heavy, gritty, and groovy and her voice rises at times from a Jane Birkin whisper to new, messy volumes.  And just like in 5:55, she doesn’t shy away from using bells.  And it’s brilliantly beautiful.  Now I just wish she’d begin writing her own lyrics instead of collaborating for everything she does.

Highlights: “IRM”, “In The End”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “Me and Jane Doe”, and “Time Of The Assassins”, but I’m really in love with most of the tracks here.

Me And Jane Doe | Charlotte Gainsbourg
[mf] [buy]

In The End | Charlotte Gainsbourg
[mf] [buy]


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I don’t know why I never really paid attention to her before. I really like her new stuff now. Would you say it’s better or worse than 5:55? I like the Rilo Kiley reference, I’ve been falling out of it with them a bit.

Comment by geoff

In my opinion, 5:55 is a nighttime album, whereas IRM is more of a daytime album. When I’m falling asleep, I’d rather be listening to “Little Monsters”, and a new day calls for “Time of the Assassins”. But overall, I think that IRM showcases her talent and versatility better than 5:55 did, because on 5:55, all of the tracks were whispery tranquilizer beats, which I like…but IRM just has more to work with.

And unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing the same thing with Rilo Kiley lately. Maybe it’s because it just plain depresses me that Under the Blacklight could be their last album.

Comment by indiechouette

Have you seen “I’m Not There”? Charlotte’s in it as Bob Dylan’s wife.

Comment by chasetherainbow3

I have not, but I just skimmed a summary of it on Wikipedia (I didn’t spoil it) and now I realize that I have to see it.

Comment by indiechouette

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