1 January, 2010, 230 am
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Why should I join the Vegans & Vegetarians group on  I’m not vegan for street cred.

Why is it that many of the people who enjoy the music that I enjoy are often pretentious and inaccessible assholes?  Who gives a fuck about celebrity status or secrecy?  I’m not cool, but I am more diligently and loyally in love with Miss Jenny Lewis than your way-more-attractive neighbor, and you could hold more of a conversation with me, because I actually think.

I shouldn’t have read Teen Vogue yesterday.

Well, good night all, and I’ll have you know that I plan to write about Charlotte Gainsbourg very very very very very soon to bring in 2010.


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Leave a comment JJ 3. It’s still around new years time, and this is sure to make any day better.

Comment by chasetherainbow3

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Best surprise ever! I’m retrieving it right now and plan to devour it and write about it after that! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyoumercidanke Chris!! :D

Comment by indiechouette

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