25 June, 2009, 1157 am
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Transformers 2 is the shittiest film I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was a painfully disgusting 2.5 hours.

Tasteless obscenity
Sexism all over the place
Racial stereotyping
Plot holes
Terrible acting
Terrible writing
Terrible cinematography
Megan Fox’s character = useless
Lack of foreshadowing/plot connectedness
Blatant glorification of the military
Blatant glorification of the US
Dissin’ France
Product placement galore
Unrealistic/stereotypical portrayal of college life
Subtle promotion of Christianity
Subtle dismissal of/lack of consideration for existentialism
A butcher shop complete with dead pigs hanging from their feet from ceilings

Yeah, if you don’t mind all of that, then you’ll probably like it.  And you’ll love that it all ends with a Linkin Park song.  That will be the icing on the cake.

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Linkin Park still exists?

Comment by blatantproof

i haven’t even seen it, but i love you for bashing it thoroughly because the first one… adam made me watch it… and i fell asleep at the end. it’s like his favorite movie ever, and i didn’t really get why it was such a big deal, and i only watched it because he was so excited about it… but yeah i fell asleep at the end. which is apparently the best part. lmao.

Comment by divya

have you listened to the latest jenny lewis album? its bomb ass!

Comment by klnbhjk

This song that you had posted on here a while ago, by Lykke something, called “Dance, Dance, Dance,” is playing on my school’s radio station at this very moment.

Comment by SaraDay

You know Conny, I considered this when I went to see it two nights ago. I felt the longing urge for it to end the whole time, much like in Spiderman 3. Not to mention that my man talked about Megan Fox the whole time.

Comment by Erika

so what if the director wanted “subtle promotion of Christianity”? not all movies must be free of butcher shops…

Comment by juliette

Subtle promotion of Christianity is unnecessary, and sexism is certainly wrapped all up in that. The butcher shop scene was especially unnecessary.

It was a shitty movie.

Comment by indiechouette

I just had to comment on my total agreement! It’s a terrible movie that somehow sucked an incredible amount of people into seeing it.

Comment by frodoisdead

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