14 June, 2009, 302 pm
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What if I only wore mascara to accentuate my eyeballs?  I thought about it, but the problem is that then you wouldn’t be able to touch my eyelashes without getting your fingers black and waxy.  You wouldn’t be able to feel just how soft they are (and soft they are, they really are), and butterfly kisses would just be a mess.

Then I thought, What if my eyes were blue or green?  Because that is something I’ve always wanted.  I can’t see myself with light eyes, though.  If I had light eyes, then I would take other people’s light eyes for granted.  That would be a terrible thing.  I also probably wouldn’t appreciate the chocolatey depths of Divya’s eyes, or the brown swirls within Carol’s hazel eyes.

I like to tell my mom that I got the short end of the genetics-stick.

This week, I’m going to Rhode Island on a long road trip.  I’m so excited, but it doesn’t feel like we’re leaving tomorrow.

The strange part is that I’m most excited for the car ride itself.  I love car rides.  I may enjoy bike rides a little more because of the lift I get from them (especially ones at midnight when I’m positive that someone is going to jump out of the darkness on the side of the road and grab me).  But car rides provide time for thinking.  You can be close to other people, so physically close, but so mentally distant.  I replay best scenes to music, I look out the window and think of the best places to have picnics, I think of what will happen when I see this person and this person and this person, I think of what if we all died right now.  I think of that a lot.

I’ve provided a mix for my adventures (even though I think that I won’t really need it, except for at times when nostalgia hits really hard, because Nathan’s will be more than sufficient).

I will post it when I get back.  But for now, I must present you with this outstaaaanding track.

I can’t say anything about it.  You just have to listen.  It’s urgent.

Cosmic Love | Florence And The Machine
[mf] [buy]


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You are such an inspiration. I only hope I can ever be as eloquent and smart and insightful…i could go on and on, and would, if I didnt have about thirty seconds of battery left on my computer. So, Thank you. So much!!

Comment by Jamie

i cant listen it!!!

pls pls pls send it again =)

Comment by uriel

I only wear mascara to accentuate my eyeballs, most of the time. I like it.

Do people touch your eyelashes often?

I’ve been thinking about it, and I am a big fan of the mascara-only look. It looks good, but not overdone, you know?

Comment by blatantproof

If you like Florence and the machine you might love this, but don’t try watching it if your eyeballs are coated in mascara !

Comment by PMS

it really depends which mascara you wear, because theres some that i’m pretty sure my mother used to sell that never stuck to my hands when i touched my eyelashes. i think it was darkest black by mark. but i’ve kinda stopped wearing makeup for the most part just because. idk.

Comment by divya

I’ve just started to get into Florence & The Machine but still pretty behind, so thank you for sharing this song! :D

By the way, I loved your description about car rides. I love them because of that as well! I also love the breeze that goes through the windows and just how calming the ride itself feels. <3

Comment by Ke

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