20 May, 2009, 139 pm
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I hope I never become pretentious.

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I totally agree. If anything, I think pretentiousness and snobbery are the closest one can get to ignorance.

Comment by Kita

Agreed. What evoked this entry, though?

Comment by Ke

you’ve probably already seen it, but i thought you’d enjoy it anyways…

conor perfoming “soon you will be leaving your man” live
Also somewhere in the middle of the video he makes some sort of mistake and his smile and little sincere apology brings me ABSOLUTE joy.

Comment by Lena

apology for being random
but its just one of those melancholy songs that just evoke happiness and pure bliss

Comment by Lena

I’m sobbing with a massive smile

Comment by Lena

I love that. I watched it about five times just to catch that apology/smile. And what a beautiful song, too. It’s inspired me to listen to Noise Floor more.

Comment by indiechouette

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