I just zoned out and pictured Ali and Becca with Ed Zych moustaches.  Hahah.  Wow.

Speaking of Ali, she created a new blog.  I am going to advocate her blog for a minute.  You might like my blog because I am long-winded and really immature and I mope a lot.  You get to watch me grow up.  Go back to my first post, and you want to punch me in the face.  I like to explain things thoroughly so you completely understand whatever I’m talking about.  And I try so hard not to offend.  You will like Ali’s blog because she uses colourful pictures to illustrate her points.  She writes with an intensity that is unheard of.  Somehow, she is able to get her point across with few words.  If we both wrote about the same thing, I’m pretty sure that I would take a five-paragraph essay to convey what she can in five sentences.  The way she writes conjures up thoughts of vignettes.  They are little snippets of her life that require no backstory.  Ali’s writing is unique in this way.  The way I write is basically a very unpoetic epic poem or a journal.  I give you some backstory.  You can track my progress.  I change.

Dear Ali,
I will always find you whenever you start a new blog.  You can’t hide.
Love, Paige

When I put it this way, I wonder why you read my blog at all.  It’s probably for the free candy.  Free music.  Yeah.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve let the blog go for this long without some new music.  Because I’ve been listening avidly all this time, finding new lovely artists.  I’ve been tuning my iTunes to spring.

I feel that I should start slowly though.  First, I said back in February or March that I would write about She & Him, and I didn’t lie but I just haven’t done it yet.

Erika is the one who introduced me to She & Him.  She told me that she falls asleep to their album, Volume One, every night.  It is her teddy bear.  I was excited but a little skeptical.  It seemed like sacrelige to me to bed down with an album like that, to worship something other than Rilo Kiley.  And while they are no Rilo Kiley for me, while Zooey Deschanel is no Jenny Lewis and M. Ward no Conor Oberst/Blake Sennett, they put up a damn good fight.


If you like Jenny Lewis’ solo albums and if you love 50s/60s pop music with a slight bubblegum flavour, then She & Him is for you.  I really don’t know how they manage it.  It’s a mind-blowing mixture, slightly dangerous, but for what it is, it is perfection.  I would even venture to wholeheartedly recommend She & Him to older listeners, people who grew up with that 50s or 60s bubblegum pop.  I don’t think anyone out of their mid-twenties even reads this, but next time you and your Aunt Elaine are bonding over music, pop this one in.

As for the album itself, most of the thirteen tracks check in at under three minutes.  She & Him don’t go for the epic “Tereza and Thomas”-type shit.  That means that every song is bite-sized, kind of like a Sour Patch Watermelon.

I should never write reviews for CDs again.  My analogies are cringeworthy.

You Really Got A Hold On Me | She & Him
[mediafire] [buy]
Did I mention that they do covers that make me want to melt?  Also, maybe you can help me.  In iTunes and on, it’s named “You Really Gotta Hold On Me” but elsewhere, it is named “You Really Got A Hold On Me”.  Which is correct?

I Thought I Saw Your Face Today | She & Him
[mediafire] [buy]
Did I mention that I love sick beats?

While I’m on a roll, talking about amazing women, it is mandaroty that I mention Sarah Maple.  She is an incredibly accomplished and clever feminist painter and photographer.  I don’t want to just paraphrase the Bitch article that introduced her to me on a formal basis (because I had run into her a few times before, but the websites never cited her).  She’s just an incredible cultural commentator.

This ones my favourite.

This one's my favourite.

As for real-life occurrences, I go home in three weeks (less than a month) and I am stoked.  I will be able to sit outside and read all day while my sisters suffer at school.  And for those of you still in high school, yes, that is a pretty mean thing to say, but when you think about it, I suffered too.  I went to school for fourteen years before arriving at this position.  This is my fifteenth year, and it’s almost done.  If you’re in high school, you probably haven’t gone through that much school.


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You’re silly, Paigelet. I, for one, enjoy reading your blog to see what you actually mentioned, personal progress, rants, and recommendations. Sometimes the way something is written, and it’s topic, override how short or colorful something is, though that can be appreciated in it’s own manner.

She & Him <3

Comment by Ke


Comment by indiechouette

i honestly enjoy all your writing choice, very interesting.
don’t quit as well as keep penning due to the fact it just well worth to look through it,
looking forward to look over more and more of your current article content, regards :)

Comment by OblimmibCax

Sorry, could not finish reading all of “I-forgot-a-title.” Stuff is way too self-centered and off the wall. Made me feel as if it were 1939 and I was listening to a beerhall lecture by the appropriately moustached Edward Zych on “How Lawyers (like him) Can Use Tricks To Destroy Innocent Lives Just For (his) Entertainment,” as if Law were merely his personal ideology.
His cohort David Felicio applauds the atrocities as “humor.”

Comment by ThisJustIn

Well, that’s sad for your attention span because this is a rather short post and I was able to reread it in less than three minutes. Additionally, I was eighteen and living much more in my head when I wrote this so though my anxieties may have made your insults cutting to the teenage me, distance makes them virtually ineffectual today (or last year), especially since even I don’t think this is a very good post and likely never thought it was, evidenced by the fact that it’s not one of my particularly popular/long/insightful posts, and is really just more of a plug for Ali’s now-dead blog and She & Him. And for the record, I will not have some evidently grown man telling me that my teenage writing was never insightful, as A. it was, occasionally and B. you don’t know me and you didn’t know me. So fuck off, is what I’m saying.

Why you (apparently an adult man who is presumably a lawyer who lurks in the same spheres as Mr. Zych and Mr. Felicio) chose to stab at a teenage girl in your spare time after apparently Google searching Ed Zych’s name is beyond me; I have no professional links to him and thus have no idea what you’re talking about, but in my personal links to him in being a close friend to his adult daughter (and, for that matter, to Dave’s daughter, too), I really can’t say much more than that I think he’s a good man and a great father.

What’s your damage?

Comment by indiechouette

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