28 March, 2009, 1024 pm
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The funny thing is that I fell off my bike on Friday…I hit a curb.  And it was really embarrassing.  And it hurt.  And I started shaking pretty badly after because I’m not going to lie–it scared the shit out of me.  When I first purchased my bike, I was scared of accidents.  And I’d heard some pretty gruesome ones involving car doors and buses.  I expected not to get into anything major, but come ooon.  A curb?  That’s lame.

And what’s more lame is that my battle scar isn’t shaped like anything.  It’s just an oval.  And it hurts like a bitch to touch it.

Also, my fucking…gah!  Wisdom teeth!  One of them is coming up through the gums!  Agonizing pain of childbirth!

Soon I will write about something interesting that is not physical pain.


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