24 March, 2009, 958 am
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I’m skipping morning classes.  This is a terrible thing to do, but I figure that cleaning my room has a little priority.

I said I found my Xanga from when I was fourteen.  Well, you can view it if you want to.  It’s actually a little funny.  Even at fourteen, I hated society and according to May 16th, 2005, I was an existentialist “thinker” even if I didn’t know all that much about existentialism.

Two things that make me laugh:
1.  “I got to know Nikita’s ways and stuff.”
2.  I thought that Butter Rum Lifesavers could get you drunk…and was thus scared to eat them.

I wrote about everything and everyone so dismissively that I have to wonder if I really cared about anything.  And I had such low self-esteem and talked about it all the time but I wonder if I was really that ugly and fat.  Too bad not many photos exist.  I remember spending so much time turned sideways in front of the mirror, looking only at my stomach.  But I wonder how it’s changed, because I still worry about how pregnant I might look and how much acne I have.

One thing’s for sure, though.  I’m getting my hair cut short again, and this time, I can’t wait because instead of low-maintenance, it will be no-maintenance and very wavy.  I’m so excited that I’m tempted to take scissors to my hair right now, but I know that would go really badly.

I will leave you with a Divyaism.

Spring Trip 2005?

Spring Trip 2005?


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