18 March, 2009, 643 pm
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Paige loves riding her bike everywhere. It is an incredibly enjoyable activity and as it turns out, all the biking she did last semester at the gym totally paid off in endurance of the legs.  Tonight, she will probably dream of biking.  As of right now, she has biked around eight miles and will probably not bike anymore today, but her brain feels as though it is still in constant motion, as though on a bike.


Someone left a note on my bike today that said “Paige is a sexy vegan!  <3”   It is in a girly handwriting, but I really have no idea who put it there.  Whoever did it, I love him or her to pieces because I love anonymous notes.


Here is what is in my head now.

Soul Meets Body | Death Cab for Cutie
[mediafire] [buy]

Here is what was in my head during the part of the day where pleasant melodies in my head would have been useful.  “Millionär” by Die Prinzen.


Most intriguing photo I’ve found in recent days, from stumblin’.



In other news, my computer charger was murdered today in a nasty fall.  I ate too much.  And it was such a gorgeous day that I grinned for its entirety and didn’t even worry about my clumsy smile.


The most comforting thing right now is Sam Beam’s gentle voice.


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