15 March, 2009, 1142 pm
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I have considered beginning a new blog, because I feel this one dying.

It is upsetting to see an old friend go.

I feel this blog dying probably because I am concerned with immersing myself in life instead of just writing about wishing that I could live a certain way.

But I probably will not begin a new blog or go on hiatus.  What I will do instead is pump this full of life.  I should document everything.  Music, photographs, cool things I find on the internet or wherever, really.  Then maybe loyal readers will be proud of themselves.  My friends will be proud of themselves, too.  They will no longer have a half-dead friend.  I will be alive.  And you will be able to live with me.

This will be the first post in the revival of my blog.


The best way to reach out to me is to add me on Facebook.  I am not a whore of a friend collector; I am genuinely interested in people.  Unfortunately, I am also horribly, terribly shy, even on the internet.  But if you add me, you can be sure that the feeling you get late on Thursday night, that weird sense of being watched over in a good way–that is me lurking.

I am the first person to admit that I am a creep.

Also, I am trying to refrain from using the word “creeper”, even though I love it.

And while we are on the subject, I should point out one other thing.  I bet my simple voice frustrates some of you.  The way I talk in reality is probably even more frustrating.  It is like this, really simple, only I talk slowly because I am thinking and I am trying not to say “like”.


Several months ago, Jaimie lent me a CD.  She told me that it would be a real treat.  That is her word.  Treat.

I imported it onto my computer and gave it back and kind of ignored her comments on the album.  I must admit that I did not exactly get a boner over the ordeal.  For clarification and in retrospect, I believe that I obtained a massive boner when I purchased Under the Blacklight by Rilo Kiley, as well as both of Jenny Lewis’ outside effort.  And I achieved a large boner when I first listened to Gulag Orkestar by Beirut.  You think that I should move on as new music comes, but I am a pretty loyal listener when an album gives me a supermassive boner.

I realize that being a girl and mentioning my own boners is not exactly professional, as I do not have a penis, which renders my own boners nonexistent, but how would you feel if I said that the albums made me all wet?  Well, it would be believable and you would be in an excruciatingly uncomfortable position, wondering whether or not I am completely lying.


It was only this past week that I began to listen to the album that Jaimie lent me.

One of the reasons it took me this long is because I had listened to a few songs by the artiste before and thought, “Eh.  Big deal.”  I was not impressed.  But for this artist, it takes more than the two most popular songs for her to make a real impression.  The blogs do not do her justice!  The blogs could not do her justice unless every last blog somehow legally distributed her entire album for free, which is actually not possible as far as I know.

So I guess instead of giving you the whole album, I will give you my favourite few songs from the album.  But please don’t get me wrong.  In order to fully taste Lykke Li, you will just have to listen to Youth Novels in its entirety.

Hanging High | Lykke Li
[mediafire] [buy]
The song I plan to raise my children on, supposing I have any.
Dance Dance Dance | Lykke Li
[mediafire] [buy]
The song I plan to use as my theme song for the entire spring of 2009.
I’m Good I’m Gone | Lykke Li
[mediafire] [buy]
The song that you need to know if you are going to go by Most People’s Evaluations of Lykke Li.
Let It Fall | Lykke Li
[mediafire] [buy]
The song that is about crying that I could not possibly cry to.

I don’t care if she is so “last year” or if I am “so behind.”  By the way, Lykke Li is pronounced, “likely,” am I right?


Finally, I am not certain how many of you will be amused by this, and I am not certain how many of you will find this relevant in any way.

I am filled with a certain sense of despair whenever I look at this and this.

The first shows for certain how much we have dominated without anyone else’s consent.  And the places we have not gone yet?  Well, they are just not desirable for supporting human life.

The second shows for certain how many of us there are and how much damage we are doing, especially Americans.

If there are so many people, though, 6.7 billion and climbing, if there are so many lights, then how is it even possible for me to feel so alone so often?


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I enjoyed your use of the word boner in this entry. Also, Tim Ford (music Godman in my city) pronounces it “leaky lee”.

Comment by Colourkid

Don’t let you blog die. I am always lurking :)

Comment by SaraDay

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