3 February, 2009, 409 pm
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I just wanted to share this with you.

My state of mind right now is: Accomplished. I have only accomplished my Environmental Science homework. Seriously. That’s all. Also, my room remains clean thanks to Rehnuma and Virginia.

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about. I appreciate it when friends give me weird looks. I hate it when people look at me and then give other people weird looks. Between friends, it means that the friend knows I’m acting weird and expects me to act in a sane manner, because that person knows me and has expectations. Between two other people, it means that at least one person knows I’m acting weird, but that they also label me as weird because thy have no expectations for me yet. Do you understand?

Ride | Cary Brothers
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I was listening to this song today, and it sounds familiar (and no, I have never seen The Last Kiss) but more importantly, it sounds atmospheric. And I love my atmospheric music. This is to tide you over until I get to write more since I have to leave in 15 minutes to go to class.

Sometimes I have nightmares about a band inviting me backstage and trying to have casual sex with me.  I think sex is an intriguing, amazing thing but for some reason, it just freaks me out too much for me to regularly pursue it.


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PAIGE!! I just downloaded Stars’ “In the Bedroom After the War” and I am pretty much falling rabidly in love with it, and I just had to share that with someone, haha.
“The Last Kiss” is wonderful, despite the reviews it got. It is also one of the only movies ever to be set in Madison, Wisconsin, which is a wonderful city (I’m not sure if they ever explicitly state this, but it’s obvious to anyone who is familiar with Madison.) So I guess what I’m say is…you should watch it. :)
I also appreciate your observations. They’re often things that I don’t notice myself, but they ring true when I think about them.
Alright…this is getting a little epic. Peace out.

Comment by blatantproof

ahh i completely know what you mean about the weird looks thing. except i hate weird looks for all reasons unless i know the person really really well.

Comment by divya

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