27 January, 2009, 208 am
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I subscribe. Maybe I need to look into some of the facts myself before I fully subscribe. But based on what I’ve been presented, it makes sense.

We accept what the media presents. We accept it readily. Whatever is in the mainstream, well, it’s common knowledge and it’s engraved as fact. We have no critical thinking skills. We do not analyze or question. We accept our fate. And I hate that.

We are too individualistic, also. I am not saying that we should undermine the importance of every human being. On the contrary, we should not underestimate anyone. We need everyone. I need everyone. And I love everyone. And I wish everyone could accept my love for them, but they can’t! And they won’t. They’re too grounded in differences, superlatives, comparisons. I am weird. I have no justification. I don’t know how different you are from me, so I can’t love you.

It doesn’t make any sense! And what’s frustrating is that we have to deal with this bullshit nonsense game that has been constructed around us. Money. Ownership. Material objects and consumerism. None of this should be. We just need love, acceptance, lack of capitalism…and education is most important, but it’s the hardest to obtain. And if you have enough, people think you’re crazy. The best education you can have, I suppose, is a self-education and an acceptance of your own readily available qualities. But nobody will accept this as anything but bias. Mainstream, that is something they’re ready to accept.


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Fearmongering: The Movie

Comment by anon

If you use your critical thinking skills, though, you see reason. Zeitgeist provides lots of evidence. Yes, it is evidence that needs to be looked into. But it’s evidence nonetheless.

Comment by indiechouette

Evidence? That POS uses a variety of debunked conspiracy theories to take advantage of the viewer’s natural inclination to question authority and scare them. The first section is just pure insanity. It takes far fetched assumptions and prances them around as indisputable fact. I’m not a religious person, but simple use of teh Googles easily debunks this crap. The second part takes a horrible disaster and uses shock value to hide the fact that they have absolutely nothing to back up their crazy little theory. Even the other crazies, marginally less crazy in their 9/11 conspiracy theories, discount the “evidence” presented as malarkey. The third section was probably the oddest. The film maker clearly understands that most viewers don’t understand the intricacies of the Federal Reserve and takes advantage of their naiveté, completely presenting “facts” he just pulled out of his ass to back up his theories. I believe there is a TON wrong with our banking system, but this guy is simply really crazy or fu*king around with people. Where he probably did the worst job of making falsehoods look true was with the income tax law nuttiness. One of those “What the fu*k does he think he’s trying to pull?!?” moments. Unfortunately, a lot of people who think their race/religious beliefs/governmental ideology/whatever is better than the other guy’s will take advantage of the very good presentation (I’ll give him that) and use these falsehoods as a basis for those beliefs. Those people are sad.

Comment by anon

But you can’t just trust everything that’s presented to you by the media. I mean, that’s all going to be diluted and dumbed down. Of course, Zeitgeist was also dumbed down enough to cater to simple-minded audiences. And again, I stress the fact that the evidence provided needs to be looked into, but I’ve not yet taken the liberty to look into everything. For one thing, you get a lot of dissenting opinions that call the movie bull just because of what it is: Something that goes against mainstream beliefs and values. And while I will never be completely sure of the 9/11 part (that is not the part to which I subscribe), I do agree with the fact that this society is too money-based, too individualistic.

Comment by indiechouette

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