I have made myself a playlist called “Janvier 2009.”  Unlike playlists of months past, it does not contain songs that I am currently salivating all over.  Instead, it includes the songs of several artists that are actually quite new to me, so that I can get accustomed to them more quickly.  I think this is a good plan.

Most of this playlist consists of anti-folk sorts of folks.  I do not listen to so much anti-folk, which is strange because I do have an appreciation for the honesty that comes from the movement.  I say “honesty,” and what I mean is that the artists will say what they mean straight out and mean what they say wholeheartedly.  I read a review of Paramore’s Riot! that claimed that they are an incredibly honest band, but you know…they’re a little cliché in their lyrics, and really, how can you be dishonest when you’re writing music unless you’re James Frey?  Either way, it’s sort of like writing an autobiography–whatever you write is going to be accurate by your own account.  It takes a special sort of person to say whatever comes to mind, and then include it in a bunch of songs.


Why I like Gregory and the Hawk: Meredith Godreau’s voice floats.

Oats We Sow | Gregory and the Hawk
[mediafire] [buy]
[website] [myspace]

Why I like Andrew Jackson Jihad: Ali introduced me via “Personal Space Invaders.”  Hai AJJ.  Nice to meet yew.

A Song Dedicated To The Memory of Stormy The Rabbit | Andrew Jackson Jihad
[mediafire] [buy]
[website] [myspace]

Why I like Erin Tobey: She spent a lot of time in Richmond, and she feels like an introspective weirdo, just as weird as me.  Also, she has happy eyebrows, or eyebrows that make me happy.  Plus, she is crafty.

Psychology Song | Erin Tobey
[mediafire] [buy]
[website] [myspace]

Why I like Madeline Adams: Sort of the same reason for liking Gregory and the Hawk, but Madeline has some more spunk and emotion to her voice, in case you’re feeling a little less mellow.

Seeing Double | Madline Adams
[mediafire] [buy]
[website] [myspace]

Why I like Coconut Records: You knew I had to include something related to Zooey Deschanel (see:  her engagement to Ben Gibbard–of which I’m jealous, but there are people out there who are far more jealous than I).

West Coast | Coconut Records
[mediafire] [buy]
[website] [myspace]


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uh i am most definitely far more jealous of the impending deshchanel/gibbard union because i received news of this just as i had officially changed my life goal from owning a pair of genetically modified miniature whales to marrying zooey deschanel. and when i say miniature i mean i will put them in an average-sized aquarium in my dorm room. and they will have lots of room to swim around and sing. and make whale porn.

Comment by lolz

COCONUT RECORDS! I’ve been into them for a while and I was amazed to find out that they had a new album out this year, but even more amazed to find out that you liked them as well :D Awesome!

I will be checking out the rest soon. Merci!

Comment by Ke

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