4 January, 2009, 1125 pm
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I do not like what they are teaching my 13-year-old sister at CCD.

In case you are wondering what CCD is, it is basically Bible school or Sunday school.  These volunteer parents and sometimes nuns, priests, and deacons teach you about Christianity.  It’s no fun, nobody wants to go except kind of to see their friends, and sometimes they give you nonvegan candy to reel you back in.  All of this, so you can learn the watered-down, filtered version of Christianity so that you’ll consent to the sacrament of Confirmation.

In case you are wondering what CCD stands for, it stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.  I learned this tonight, because I was reading my sister’s CCD notebook.  Yes, they have homework for church classes.  It’s ridiculous.

But what’s more ridiculous is that “confraternity” bullcrap.  A fraternity is a brotherhood, which signifies the exclusion of women.  A confraternity is a group of men bound by a common interest or profession (in this case, Catholicism).  As a feminist, I smell something fishy and outrageous about this.  Don’t give me shit that a confraternity could include women.  The Catholic church especially has fun excluding women from positions of power.  Women are deprived of one entire sacrament–the holy order.  And it’s all because of “tradition.”  That is not equal, and I would argue that it’s not ethical either.  What reasoning is there?

Another thing that pissed me off was that my sister had written SEX and then put a big old prohibitory sign around it, and she did the same with PORN.  While I don’t think any 13-year-old should be particularly interested in sexual intercourse, I don’t think that they should be taught that it’s a horrible temptation that will send you straight to hell.  What exactly draws that line where this one thing is okay after marriage but completely damning before?  And in my opinion, pornography can be liberating, intriguing, and artistic.  It is not a temptation at all.  Sex is a necessity.  It’s just society that has such a problem with it.

The last thing in her notebook that annoyed me profoundly was something where she was told to define matrimony as “man + woman.”  Strictly man + woman.  And then she was told to define a holy order as “man + church.”  This is extremely exclusive and poisoning, and also incredibly frustrating.  They’re teaching my siblings this, as well as the siblings of my peers.  And it’s detrimental to society as a whole.

The good news is that I talked to her, and she agrees that the given definitions of matrimony and holy orders are frustrating, and also seemed at least fairly interested in feminism, asking a few questions and nodding along when I told her about society’s ills.  But it must be hard to acquire interest in something that seems so hopelessly wrong, which has no definite solution.


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i know what the french word of the week means :)

and i love her for being a smart kid and not taking what they tell her as the truth..<3

Comment by divya

I first discovered your blog with the page comparing/contrasting Bright Eyes and An Angle. Ever since i have bookmarked your page and read it religiously.
This might sound creepy, queer, and a tad obsessive
but you pretty much epitomize what i aspire to be.
You are one of the most interesting people I (dont) know.
you have intrigued and inspired me so much, i feel as though my adolesence would be dramatically different with out you.
I admire you so much!
Every single post is so precious.
i literally jsut keep re-reading and savouring each and every one.
Your so genius; you will obviously thrive at whatever you care to do.
thank you so much

Comment by Lena

Wow. That really really sucks. With your help, maybe she’ll continue to question everything she is being taught. Heck, as a dreamer, I can only hope that she just takes good notes but doesn’t really apply or learn them, haha.

Comment by Ke


Your comment made me feel extremely warm, more so than any other comment I’ve received, and it certainly didn’t make me feel creeped out. I’ve been considering for the past few days what I should say to you, and at the risk of sounding like the dedication section in album booklets, this blog would be an insignificant nothing without you as a reader (and other closet readers, because I know they’re out there, too, and they come out once in a while).

I had someone like that, though, who inspired me to start blogging. Her “name” was Guavamaffiosa, and I read about her in Ellegirl or something, back when I read it. So I get what you mean. I feel that maybe this comment is not quite personal enough. I want to write your name all over it repeatedly to show you that it’s for you, just you. Haha.

Comment by indiechouette

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