29 October, 2008, 1020 am
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I dislike Starbucks.  I dislike it because it pushes small, quality, family-owned coffee shops out of business by offering lower-quality, overpriced, character-less products that are rarely vegan that are convenient, that I really don’t want to buy.  To me, Starbucks always feels like an assembly line.  Some people would refer to this as a “slaughterhouse” feeling.  Any way you put it, I dislike it.  So I refuse to buy things there.

I’m a die-hard for Cherry Alley Café in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  Because even if I don’t live there, and even if they don’t play my sorts of music all the time whenever I do manage to get there, that’s one homelike place.  This homelike, no-pressure atmosphere makes me want to buy things there.  Plus, they’re very vegan-friendly and they sell quality products for cheap.  Oh, did I mention that you really can’t find vegan-friendly places in Lewisburg, or in most cities in Pennsylvania unless we’re talkin’ Philadelphia or Pittsburgh?

But I still like to sit in here and take advantage of Starbucks’ wireless internet while having my nose serenaded by apparently wonderful smells.

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Paige! I agree. I dislike Starbucks, too, because I’m a sucker for the small, independent shops. Which is why I love Lewisburg, particularly Market Street.

However, did you know that a 3-level Barnes & Noble will be opening on Market Street as Bucknell’s new bookstore? I’m pissed. Market Street will never be the same. I’m really really upset about it. I wanted to go to the meetings when they decided that it would happen and raise a fuss, but I could never figure out when they were!

I’m kind of proud that our (Lewisburg’s) closest Starbucks is Williamsport. (I realize that there’s somewhere at Bucknell that sells Starbucks coffee, but it’s not a real Starbucks.)

However – you should order a Caramel Apple Spice at Starbucks. I’m a hypocrite. The only time I go to Starbucks is mid-October until Christmas because they serve this. It’s Apple Juice with caramel and spices. It’s basically overprices apple cider. But I don’t think it’s vegan. Caramel is made with milk, right?

Comment by SaraDay

When I heard about the Barnes & Noble, I was SO PISSED OFF because I love Page After Page. I mean, I love the whole atmosphere and the specific types of books they sell there. Funny thing, I heard the news inside of Page After Page. Some guy came in to talk to the owner about it while I was lurking among the books.

And really, I think the seasonal drinks are a good reason to go to Starbuck’s too. I mean, it’s not like I can drink the Peppermint Hot Chocolate anymore, but I do like that they accommodate the seasons.

I dunno. Some caramel has milk in it, I guess milk caramel. I’ll look into the Starbuck’s version.

Comment by indiechouette

There used to be another bookstore downtown – Lewisburg Booksellers. I don’t know if you were there yet or not. It wasn’t as cute as Page After Page (which I am in love with, as well) but they had a very large selection. And it was kind of cool because okay, so you remember Bleu Place Cafe? It was where Herwig’s is now – that Austrian restaurant, or whatever. And Bleu Plate and Booksellers were right next door to each other and they had a door between the two that they always kept open. For some reason I liked that. You’d be wandering around in the bookstore, supposed to be quiet, but you hear the sounds of a restaurant from the open door. And it didn’t bother you. It was just neat.

Comment by SaraDay

it really is the random little places that are better. for example, i’m pretty sure that this place i went to in canada was a small family owned type deal. it was called truffle pigs and it was much more than just a coffee shop. they sold other food items and had a small grocery store and some random trinkets and it was SO CANADIENNE. omg.

Comment by divya

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