25 October, 2008, 121 am
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

1.  I used to think I had a crush on you, but I’m glad I managed to convince myself that platonic is the way to go, especially after I realized that you’re one of the few people in the whole world who does not consider having a relationship with every close friend.

2.  I’m a hypocrite in that I can’t hand myself over to you because of your one relationship with her.  Everything is empty now, and I want this to end, the emptiness or everything, but I don’t know how.

3.  I wish you had kissed me because you are arguably the most important person in my life because you see me for what I am and still somehow trust me.  The pointed compliments you occasionally make probably mean too much to me.

4.  I hate it when you take note of what I eat and criticize other people, because I know that you semi-secretly think I’m fat and ugly.  This causes me to view you as an exceptionally unbeautiful person.

5.  Since you keep yourself so guarded and uncatty and chill, I trust you a whole lot, which is likely unsafe.  But I’m still interested in collecting fragments of information about you as you reveal them.

6.  I like who you’re becoming.  A year ago, I never would’ve imagined you’d end up like this.  But now I take pride in you.

7.  I’m slightly upset/slightly pleased that you only see merit in my tits.

8.  I sincerely regret never holding more than one or two brief, nervous conversations with you last year, because I firmly believe that you would have understood me profoundly.  I was just too shy and found you to be an impressive human being.

9.  You’re positively radiant, brilliant, and good-natured and I think the absolute only excuse anyone could have for passing you up is that you initially come across as intense.  But I find your directness to be perhaps your most comforting aspect.

10.  Did you even really like me?  Because I cannot for the life of me remember why I liked you.  Tenth grade fantasy come true?  I don’t know.

11.  When you’re quietly asleep and I’m well-rested, I just want to take care of you.  When you’re snoring and I’m not well-rested, I just seriously want to suffocate you.

12.  I’m excited for your budding romance.  I just hope it goes somewhere, because you both deserve it.  You’re both such Jews with money.  I will regret writing this in two minutes.  I love you guys.

13. I may have always been the dumb conformist when we were kids, but it looks like the roles have reversed, besides the fact that you’re still probably the smart one.  I resent that part.

14.  I used to think you were such a role model when I was in high school, but hearing that turned my world upside down briefly.  And now that I think about it, you were just a sad, lost little girl with bad taste in music.  That’s what I looked up to.  Somehow, though, I still respect you immensely.

15.  I wonder what ever happened to you.


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I hate these. I always want to know who you’re talking about, haha. I am much too nosy for my own good.

Comment by SaraDay


Comment by indiechouette

I love number 11, haha.
Hopefully some of these people figure out that despite the message, they’re still somehow on your mind.

Comment by Ke

ahahaha i know who 11 is.
and i think i know which one’s me, if i’m on this. awwwww.

Comment by divya

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