24 October, 2008, 1231 am
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I dislike it when people scold me if I happen to talk about celebrity gossip, which is a RARE RARE RARITY.

I do not talk about celebrities because I am at all interested in their fame or their money.  I am only ever interested in them (always only slightly) because they are people first and foremost.  And are we not social creatures?  I am not trying to point out that they are human and flawed.  I am not trying to point out that they are just like anyone else.  I am not trying to point out some bullshit defense or attack on them.  All I am trying to point out is that they are interesting universal case studies.  If we talked about the affairs of our peers, there would be a great deal of anonymity in the whole thing.

For example, I cannot describe to you the guy I see on the bus every Wednesday and Friday without leaving any gaps.  I could give you a picture of him, but you still wouldn’t get it from my perspective.  So I describe that he has light brown hair that was probably blond when he was little, paired with quite pale skin.  And he is extremelytall and thin.  He has at least one lip piercing and glasses and bright eyes.  From this description, you find him unpleasant, and you want to know about his personality.  And I tell you that he’s quiet on the bus.  And then you want to know how he walks.  Well, he slouches.  And I find that dandy.  You think it’s not so dandy.  Do you see where this is going?  He lets me on the bus before him with a hand gesture.  Now you might begin to see my perspective, but you’ll never fully understand.

With a celebrity, there are few gaps in the perception of your average person.

I’m just saying, is all.


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Aw, I liked this entry. I don’t know why but the way you described the guy was sort of comforting.

Also, being really into social studies, I completely agree with you on the whole celebrities being people note. I could care less about Britney Spears getting a soda or something about her 8th affair or whatever but when I get to know someone, sort of, through a show or their blog, such as Jason Mraz or even Zach Braff, I end up admiring them and sort of care more about what is going on with them. However, I still rarely gossip about them, if ever.

Comment by Ke

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