Fuck going green when there are far more important immediate crises.  Example:  Conditions in third-world countries.  Example:  Homelessness.  Example:  The conditions of animals living on factory farms or in puppy mills.  Global warming will have extreme effects years from now.  These things are already having extreme effects right now.

Also, if you’re going to go green, if it matters that much to you, then go vegan or even vegetarian and encourage your self-proclaimed green friends to do the same.  Not only will you kind of “save” some animals (I don’t like to refer to it in that manner because it’s not like Superman’s coming to the rescue…you’re just lowering the demand or maybe even just not contributing), but you’ll also “save” the environment (ditto).

Oh, but if you take my advice, don’t do it on PETA’s terms, please.


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Comment by wut?!

Fuck PETA. They give you vegetarians/vegans a bad name. They were/are the reason that I had and many others have a bad image of people who make that personal choice. So, seriously, fuck them.

Comment by abc123

abc123, WORD. I’ve been singing that song to everyone who asks about my eating habits.

Comment by indiechouette


Comment by rva

Oh, I guess you think I’m selfish and wasteful. I don’t mean fuck recycling, fuck trying to cut down your contribution, et cetera. I mean fuck capitalism for marketing the concept.

Comment by indiechouette

And it’s a fad for a lot of people. It’s the “in” thing to do, just like the “peace scene,” and while it’s cool that they like it now, it’s not cool that they won’t like it so much in ten minutes when something new comes along.

Comment by indiechouette

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