28 September, 2008, 1125 pm
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I smelled steak.  I smelled London broil.

Derek told me it was just fries, but did you know that the sense of smell is the best at conjuring memories?  Well, it is.  I smelled London broil and I started to cry.

London broil was something my mom used to make when we lived in Richmond.  Actually, when we lived in Richmond as a family, my mom made dinner a lot.  We had sit-down family dinners at the table sometimes.  We ate together.

The two things I remember about my mom from my childhood are the way she smelled (I later found out this was just deodorant) and the clinking of her wedding and engagement rings.  As I grew up, she changed her deodorant and she stopped wearing the rings.

A few weeks ago, we drove by my old house and it’s just bizzare not being able to go in and go up to my room and chill out by myself.  So much of my teen years were based on how often I was able to be alone.  All of that was taken away from me recently.  I lived there for ten years and suddenly, it would be illegal for me to go home.


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of my old homes. It’d be cool to go revisit them all, see how the places I grew up in have changed.

Comment by wut?!

:( i’m sorry. you’re always welcome at mine though.

Comment by divya

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