10 September, 2008, 353 pm
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Today, I:

Turned in a shitty draft of a paper.  I mean the Shittiest Paper I Have Ever Written.  And it was about being vegetarian/vegan and not wanting to tell anyone because of ARGUMENTS.

Leaned away from agnosticism towards atheism.  Brent and Travis Day TRAVIS DAY Travis Day would be proud, possibly.  I only say that because when Travis says he just CTRL+F’s his name and that’s how he reads this.

Spent hours revising above paper.

Ate only Sour Patch Kids (I know I will crash soon, so I plan to go to Subway, plus my mouth hurts).

Ran into three people from my high school, waved at one and got a confused look.  Fuck me.

Paid little attention in classes because computer battery was dead from hard work on paper.

Nothing Else.

Currently, I’m uploading tracks for that September mix thang, so hold tight, yo.  It just takes a really long time.  I hope to have that post done by the end of today.  Ya.


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Has it been a year since you said you’d make me a mix tape yet?

Your saying mix reminded me.

Comment by wut?!

Lol, okay. For serious, I’ll recommence. I have had a few things in mind for a year now.

Expect it to be by next week.

Comment by indiechouette

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