6 September, 2008, 1104 pm
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I do not like to think that I’m easily offended because for the most part, I’m not.  Most times that people insult me, they’re being sarcastic.  And most times that people fling stings of profanities past my face, they’re not directed at me.

But here’s the thing.

The number one insult you could direct at me is that I’m stupid.  I am extremely self-conscious about my intelligence level, and even more so about my opinions and manner of thinking and set of morals.  I’ve been known to get defensive of a band I live for by putting them down a bit before someone listens, because I don’t want to get other people’s hopes up or they may never trust my opinions again.

The number two insult you could direct at me is that I’m fat.  I am not, but I’ve been overly aware of my body for a long time.

The number three insult you could direct at me is that I’m ugly.  Again with the self-consciousness and awareness of flaws.

And then after the direct insults, which are blows at everything I am, then I get mad at name-calling.

“Bitch” isn’t that bad.  It sucks that all the worst things you could call a man or a woman are female-related words.  If you refer to me as the basic definition of a bitch, well, sometimes you’re right, but I’m generally peaceful and lenient and flexible.

“Fucker” also makes me laugh a bit.  How bad is that?

“Fuckface” begins to get at me because while the term is nonsense, it implies ugliness.  And that’s number three.

“Cunt” is probably the worst.  It’s just insulting.  I don’t mind casual use, but once you’ve directed it at me, you’ve pretty much shown that you have zero respect for me.  While f-bombs can be repaired, c-bombs cannot.


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who’s been dissing you????????????????????///////////

Comment by divya

and i am REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY that this weekend didn’t work out but i am hoping that next weekend does work. IT’S NOT FAIR. but i needz to call you and discuss stuff with you for a longass time.

Comment by divya


Comment by wut?!

As usual.

Comment by indiechouette

Bon Soir Indie Chouette. There is lots of French Indie pop/Rock. Maybe your problem is you look for it through google com. instead of going to To search for French stuff use a French site.

Some French Indie bands/artistes are: Tue Loup, ,absinthe provisoire, La Blanche, (Not to be confused with US band of that name), La Maison Tellier, autour de lucie, , Coralie Clément, Raphaël, St. Germain, (more jazz-dance crossover, the sound of the clubs of Paris) (Tourist is the best album), Air (although they often sing in English) Surely you’ve heard of them? Moon safari is pretty good, sort of, well, some of it. There’s lots more too. Try this French site listings of Indie bands: Most aren’t French, but some amongst them are. Well, hope you have fun checking them out!

Tindersticks also made a good album in French, “Nenette et Boni” which is well worth tracking down. They’re not grenouilles but if it’s just the language you want, then that’s apt. It was the music from the film of the same name.

Also, one Francophile artist I was surprised you didn’t mention in your list of them was the legendary, superlative Jaques Brel. Probably know of him? His songs have been covered by Bowie, Marc Almond, Scott Walker, Momus, etc Please don’t get all American and be upset by the sweatyness. Regardez la passion!

Comment by Michael

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