4 September, 2008, 144 pm
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there’s a super 8-track playlist for this month on the way (I’m trying to get maybe four more tracks that I really love).

I always wondered why bloggers stopped updating as frequently when school started.  Now I know.

And an interesting story:  I went to the gym with my neighbour and the guys at the desk scanned our cards.  The one let my friend go, but then the one who scanned my card asked, “Is your birthday 8/28/90?”  I replied, “Yeah.”  How is that relevant?  He gave me my card, and as we were walking away, I heard the other guy go, “Makes you feel old, doesn’t it?”

I know that I look like I’m thirteen.  I know that I’m really young compared to other kids in my grade.  But what the fuck?


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i second your WTF…i truly don’t get it.

Comment by divya

I always looked young for my age too [freckles didn’t help much either] and I was incredibly short.

Comment by Maddy

Oh, Paige, it’s okay. You’ll feel the same way next year about next year’s freshmen. And also, it’s an 80’s, 90’s thing. Even though I was born only one year before you, I feel like there’s this huge difference between 89 and 90. Just the who decades, I suppose.

But those guys were probably seniors. Born in like, 86. Don’t you feel like they’re SO MUCH older than you? And that my brother, who was born in 93, is so much closer just because the years start with a 9. I really don’t think it has anything to do with what you look like.

But I completely understand that, too, though, because I look 12. But I was at the Bucknell Bookstore the other day and someone actually asked to see my ID card, so they must have assumed I was a student :) I was told the other day I was mature for my age, so it helped me look older. HA! Hilariously untrue.

Comment by wellwell

It’s not necessarily your age, as much as the age difference. These guys are usually in the early to mid 20s, so they are from the 1980s. They somehow find it really insane knowing that the new class is from the early 1990s, so it is a weird change. Anyway, I totally understand your confusion, since I don’t even know how they found out your birthday in the first place. Wow.

Looking forward to the playlist though.

Comment by Ke

I was born in 88, and personally, it does make me feel old to know that there are people walking around my campus that were born in the 90’s. It’s nothing personal, and being young is a good thing! I feel sort of old all the time, which is ridiculous, because I am far from it, but still. Enjoy your youth.

Comment by Kate

You make me feel old, Paige.

Comment by wut?!

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