It doesn’t feel like tomorrow (Thursday) is my birthday.  I’m really reluctant to let go of being seventeen.  I feel like I’ve built up so much to be this age, kind of like when I was twelve and fourteen.  Those were ages which, for one reason or another, I aspired to be.  I figured I would savour them and in truth, I did.  I went through a lot of major changes at those ages.  Now, though, I don’t know what age I aspire to be.  Seventeen was kind of it for me.  I love being a teenager, save for all the misconceptions.  Fortunately, I still have two years left, even if I’ll legally be an adult.

I guess part of this whole it-doesn’t-feel-like-tomorrow-is-my-birthday business is that I’m away from most of my family, so it’s not like we can really celebrate.  And I need to make my own cake if I want one.  I’ll probably forego that because…

Okay, first, my sleeping habits are all fucked up.  I’m always tired on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and I take long naps in the afternoon.  Naps are very French, so I’m okay with that.

My eating habits are pretty fucked, too.  I don’t really want to go into that because it will scare those of you considering veganism or even vegetarianism.  NO, it is not hard to be vegan or vegetarian.  YES, VCU does offer a plethora of vegetarian options, as well as a few for vegans (which is really nice, considering that some restaurants aren’t even that considerate).  The problem with my eating habits has more to do with time management and being busy and slightly lazy.  If I have lost weight over the past two weeks, it is only because I do not feel like boarding the bus to go over to Shafer Dining Court or walking there.  I do eat in my room, though.  I’ve had fruits and nachos and occasional granola bars and cereal.  Also, I guess I do get a lot of exercise, especially on days when I am motivated enough to make the 1.5-mile “trek” between the MCV campus (where I live) and the Monroe Park campus (where all of my classes are and everything happens).  Okay, so in just two weeks, I have gone from being a health-conscious “leafy green” vegetarian to being a lazy-ass junkfood transitioning vegan.  That definitely needs to change as soon as I’m more settled.  Fortunately, I’ve been researching good grocery stores in the area.

Muzak, though!  I haven’t written about music in so long.

Okay, the first tune, I have been spinning (lolzers, more like “telling my iPod to repeat”) constantly for the past few days.  It’s not only the catchiness and the depth of the lyrics, but it’s that little background noise.  Some MGMT, I didn’t like at first because it’s pretentious and it sometimes reminds me of of Montreal (nothing wrong with a little of Montreal, but I can only handle so much), but you have to love “Kids.”  It just feels right.

Kids | MGMT
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MGMT’s Site
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So now I’m giving MGMT a second chance, because I always used to get pissed reading that people thought Animal Collective was “artsy for art’s sake.”  Come on, now!  What’s wrong with being artsy for art’s sake?!

The next track I must present to you is one of the most desperately catchy songs I’ve ever heard, again.  Except I’d venture to say that Van She is far more pop-friendly than MGMT is, and I predict that you’ll hear more from them in the mainstream soon.

Virgin Suicide | Van She
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Van She’s Site
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In the meantime between now and when I’m legal/now and my next post probably, I’ve got to write an Argumentative Diagnostic Essay.  Fun stuff.  Um, Explosions in the Sky soon, as well as maybe some French sheittt for all those fellow francophiles (I know, there are so many…).


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Dear Paige,
It sucks to be away from your family for your birthday. Especially such a large, important one like year 18. I celebrated mine during my first weekend in Boston, alone without my family, just like you. Only you are not in Boston. So I know exactly how you are feeling.
Anyway, on a happier note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Sara Day

Comment by wellwell

You should check out Ellewood Thompson’s; it’s an all-natural store that stocks only locally and organically grown food, which i think is rad cause it really helps the environment. ALso, if you walk there, you can get an environcredit which ends up being a small amount of money off your groceries since they do tend to be a little pricey there. Also, they have delicious already prepared meals that are vegan (like they have a wide fucking selection) and also they have a lot of space indoors and out where you can eat and then linger(and study if you want).

The people that I worked with this summer were also all veggies, which was nice cause I never had to worry about anyone suggesting Five Guys for lunch, ha! Anyways, they were all college grads that were running a nonprofit organization so their money was rather tight so they would buy a bunch of “essential” ingedients and then improvise. It was quite fun actually; but they ate a lot of peanute butter, banana, and honey sandwiches, drank a lot of tea, ate a lot of fruit, etc. They would also buy things like dry pasta and beans in bulk cause they’re wicked cheap and can be used in a lot of different ways. Oh, another tasty sandwich was a hummus and cucmber sandwich which is rather tasty. They also bought a lot of hummus cause its delicious and it compliments a lot of things. Other than that, there was a lot of rice, salads, and couscous.

OH, also. The restaurant Sticky Rice is really really delicious and reasonably priced and they have a smaller shop across the street for takeout orders. They have a lot of vegetarian and vegan sushi and its really creative, americanized (kind of) and its amazing tasting. Its located on Main and some street past rowland.

Also, if you need to get a bike, all the people i worked with got theirs at a shop called “Recycles” which is downtown somewhere and sells used, refurbished bikes for really really cheap. For example, my friend got this ’70’s old school schwinn bike with 500 miles on it for $15. which is sick. and i saw it later and it was a legit buy haha.

hope thats helpful and have a lovely 18th!

Comment by rva

Happy Birthday! :)

Comment by Megan

Hey there =]
My name’s tasch, and I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I am part vegetarian [I do eat chicken =S trying to stop though] and I was wondering – when did you start?

Happy 18th =]



Comment by musicallyscarred

Dear Sara,
My birthday turned out pretty well after all. I mean, it was no wild partay, but I did have the friends I’ve made here, and I did have the liberty of telling everyone that it was my birthday. It felt weird because normally, I wouldn’t want to say anything like that because it would make it sound like I wanted special treatment, which would make me sound like a high-maintenance bitch straight up, but I did want attention because I only have that right once a year. Anyway, I hope your birthday is good and fun when it comes.
Paige Connors

Comment by indiechouette

rva, I did look up some grocery stores, and Ellwood Thompson’s looked the most appealing. The only problem is that it’s four miles from my “home” and about three from where my classes are. Maybe in the fall, I’ll walk there sometime, but right now, it’s just too damn hot.

When I went to Kroger this weekend, though, I did take your suggestion with hummus. I used to live and breathe the stuff.

And additionally, I think I’ll try Sticky Rice sometime in the next few weeks, because I’ve read good reviews.

Plus, I’ve been thinking about bringing my bike from Pennsylvania, but I’ve had it since I was about twelve or thirteen. Nothing wrong with that, but I think it’s time to move on from my girly purple Magna phase, and if I can get a sweet one for cheap, I’ll take up that offer.

Thanks so much for your help. I’m sure I’ll refer back to your specific comment often for reference, haha.

Comment by indiechouette

Megan, merci beaucoup! :D

Comment by indiechouette

Tasch, merci! Better late than never.

Well, my journey to vegetarianism is a weird one. When I was a freshman in high school, I had a vegan teacher as well as a few vegetarian friends. This raised my awareness and got me to look into where my food came from. Near the end of freshman year, when I was fourteen-almost-fifteen, I did some trial-runs at vegetarianism, but I wasn’t sure how to break this to my family of meat-eaters.

I did trials for several months on and off, and finally, when I was fifteen-and-almost-a-half, I made the plunge as a New Year’s resolution. I’ve never looked back. So my trial attempts started over three years ago, but it wasn’t official until over two-and-a-half years ago.

And now I’ve been attempting veganism because I see my own vegetarianism as a hypocritical stance.

My own view, however, would never conflict with encouraging someone else to become vegetarian! I know you can do it; it’s an easy step to cut out all meat/fish products (especially when you want to do it)! Plus, they’ve got lots of good imitation meat products on the market nowadays. For example, there are these delicious vegetarian buffalo wings made by MorningStar, and their plain old “chicken” nuggets are good, too. Of course, at first, there will be a slight but distinct difference in taste (as you may have noticed if you’ve tried them already), but it’ll become your new chicken in no time! They also make “chicken” cutlets, I hear. Actually, I tried them in a wrap in Philly once. Pretty uncanny resemblance.

Comment by indiechouette

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