22 August, 2008, 1006 am
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Every time I love someone, though, I do have to say goodbye.  This is not a hypothetical question.  It’s reality.  It might be because I take them for granted or deny it up until the very second I have to let them go.  And then when I’m gone, I generally paw relentlessly and pointlessly at the air to get them back.

So updates!  I am still not legal yet.  I do not get a lot of sleep.  I miss my friends in Lewisburg.  It’s still kind of weird hanging out with acquaintances from middle and high school because I was an ugly person (though it will never be weird hanging out with old friends).

I need some sleep and maybe even some food, but I can’t sleep when I’m tired and I’m never hungry.  So I just walk a lot between campuses and buildings and bus stops and I explore some and occasionally, I meet new people.

I have come to a conclusion.  I love VCU.  I love the campus.  I’m not so sure about people in the city, because they’re not particularly friendly.  They have lives to get on with and they don’t really want to talk to me.  Me, I find it endearing when people do, in fact, find time to talk to me.  And I would confront people, but I don’t want to bother them.

Before I actually lived in the city part of Richmond, I was under the impression that it was so spread apart and that it would be virtually impossible to walk places.  The mile and a half walk from Cabaniss to Monroe Park seemed almost life-threateningly far.  But I realize now that I probably walked those distances in Lewisburg on a regular basis.  And anyway, it’s nice to be outside.  I only slightly fear being mugged, but that’s probably just me being naive.  I hear there’s an 8-in-10 statistic.

For now, this song is remarkably beautiful and calming and reminds me for some reason of Midlake.
I love it.  Later on, I’ll write about Explosions in the Sky and possibly Charlotte Gainsbourg or something uber-fun to describe my life, but right now, you’ll just have to settle for something fantastic.

Two Silver Trees | Calexico
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I am very happy to hear that you love VCU.

When is your birthday?

Comment by wellwell

August 28th!

Comment by indiechouette

I’m all moved in to HSC.


Comment by wut?!

BALLS. Well, whatever. You’re not too far away or anything. DAMN IT. FUCK.

Comment by indiechouette


Comment by wut?!

As in, I meant to hang out with you before you fucking left.

Comment by indiechouette

Really? I was starting to think you were avoiding me.

Comment by wut?!

Noooo! Move-in week was busy, and I wasn’t even able to see Divya because I had no transportation outside of downtown. It would be too much work to avoid you anyway.

Comment by indiechouette

Alright then, maybe I’ll see you sometime soon. Divya’s been telling me about hometrip. I ought to be able to do something over the weekend.

Comment by wut?!

Kai tomorrow is my birthday. SEE YOU…maybe this weekend.

Comment by indiechouette

Divya needs to tell me some more about hometrip.

Happy birthday.

Comment by wut?!

Call the wmn.

And thanks!

Comment by indiechouette


Comment by wut?!

Woman. :D

Comment by indiechouette

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