18 August, 2008, 1012 pm
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I am at college, right?  And the first day was fine.  I cried because I would miss my mom and shit, but that was when my mom was leaving.  But now I am alone in my dorm until my roommate gets here tomorrow, and it’s all sinking in:  I have no friends in my dorm yet.  I am already growing apart from the friends I love in Lewisburg, and I am alone.

I feel like I have just suffered a really bad breakup or something.

I am afraid of replacement.  I know that right now, as of recently, I may have been a romantic interest or a best friend or an extremely close confidante to some people.  Soon, that’s all going to change, and I will shift to become a good platonic friend or a fairly close friend or an acquaintance.  People forget good times.

The part of this that pisses me off is that people are not receptive.  I’m all emotional here, and they don’t care.  I’m spilling my heart out because I feel like I’m a Sailor Moon doll without the body or something, broken, with missing essential pieces, and they just don’t give a shit because they’re not emotional!  They haven’t had everyone wrenched away from them all of a sudden.  Just me and maybe a few other seniors.  That’s not their life.  It’s just a small part of it.


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Comment by wut?!

First off, I just discovered your blog while Googling “Cherry Alley Cafe” and I have to say that it is very good. Made me smile a couple of times.

Secondly, even though you are a unique snowflake just like everyone else, I must tell you that your sad feelings upon being dropped off at college are incredibly normal…for a girl. You will notice that the guys around you are pretty much happy as clams that their overbearing helicopter mothers have finally left them alone and they are free free FREE to drink and flirt and play music super super loud!

So you just have to stick it out and you’ll be fine. Don’t be like my little sister’s friend who went off to college in Maine and took a bus home after one week, never to return again. That is cowardly and lame.

Good morning and good luck.

Comment by Evan

^^^yeah, everything Evan said is PERFECT.

Comment by wellwell

Oh, and there was a girl that lived down the hall from me, and she moved out the day after she moved in. I didn’t get it. She wasn’t even there for 24 hours. She told us she hated it and that she was leaving. Oh, well.

Comment by wellwell

CHERRY ALLEY FTW!!! Hurrah! I miss Cherry Alley so much. I mean, I’m sure there’s some similar cafe near my school, but for me, it is unbeatable because of the closeness to everything and the entire environment.

And everything you said about the guys came to be true on my first night here. I have two guys’ floors surrounding me, and over the course of a few hours, I heard both blasting music and sex. I didn’t hear drinking, but I’m sure it will happen.

Ahh, thanks for the encouragement, both of you. I needed that.

Comment by indiechouette


Comment by wut?!

I was walking back to the dorm the other day from the bus stop and I still think about the girl who went to college in Maine and took a bus home, never to return again. And I’m glad I never did that. The second semester’s so much more comfortable, anyway. Being a freshman is just unnerving. Really, being new in any situation is unnerving.

Comment by indiechouette

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