17 August, 2008, 246 pm
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I’ve been testing out my computer.

See, I got this HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and it’s sweet.  So smooth.  I like HPs because they look smooth and they run smoothly.  They have the aesthetic value and the performance value.  And this one is fast.  I like that.

I think my dad is talking to himself.

Okay, so move-in.  I moved into VCU yesterday.  I’m so glad I have a nice room-mate.  I guess for both of us, it was just get-in, get-all-your-crap-in, and get-out, so we didn’t really get to talk, but I did get to meet her family, which was cool.  That took a bunch of stress away.  However, she left immediately to go home until Tuesday, so this would have left me all alone.  I considered manning it up and spending the night alone in the dorm last night, but I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my mom and little sister before they left Richmond, so I decided to stay in the hotel with them last night.  Today, I’m spending time at my dad’s house, and then tonight, I’ll spend the night in my room and stuff because my dad’s leaving for California tomorrow for the week.  And then this week, I suppose I’ll spend a lot of time on my computer getting to know where to go, as well as a lot of time on foot just exploring the campus.  I’m at a bit of a disadvantage with my room-mate not being here, because I would have probably wanted to explore the city with her and get to know her and such, but that’s where my good old high school senior buddies come in.

The only thing I really feel uncomfortable with right now is all this free time I’ve got.  Classes start on Thursday, but until then, we really get to roam around and do basically whatever we want.  There are no instructions or real orientation plans, and it’s unnerving.  Right now, my major concerns are:

1.  What’s up with the bus systems?  Where are the bus stops?  What times do the buses come?  Is it free?  How do I pay for it?  Can I start using it all today?  How far apart are the MCV and Monroe Park campuses (because I reside on the MCV campus, but my classes will all be on the Monroe Park one) and could I realistically walk to my classes, because I think that would be great?

2.  If I want to bike around, where do I park it?  Is my bike cool enough?

3.  Are there any rooms I can’t go into on my floor (besides, you know, other people’s)?

4.  HOW do you act around upperclassmen?  How much do upperclassmen hate freshmen?  How much do I look like a n00b?

I’m not even that worried about meeting people at this point.  I’m just worried about getting to where I need to be.  I mean, when I get up tomorrow morning, someone else on my floor will have to be in the bathroom, too.  And I can say hi and introduce myself then.  Forced situations are great.

Anyway, I haven’t posted any music for you at all lately.  That will start again soon.


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Worried about how to act around upperclassmen…

Comment by wut?!

Oh man, getting around is THE most nerve-racking thing about school. At least for me. Because my theory was, if I don’t meet people, it’s okay, because it’s not like I’m going to be forced into situations with them. I still have my own room. But it wasn’t like that, because I met a ton of cool people.

Anyway, what I did was walk from my room to all of my classes so I knew how long it took. Luckily my school is all one one street, so it’s (I’m not kidding here) a thirty second walk from my building’s front door to the Walker Building’s front door, which is where almost all of my classes were. Buuuut, I was on the 5th floor, and at a time like 9:45, when everyone is going to there 10:00 class, the elevators are PACKED from picking up kids from the 14th floor down to my floor. And no one wants to be that annoying kid who tried to squeeze into a spot in the elevator that doesn’t exist. So I had to wait for a while because we weren’t allowed to take the stairs. It’s stupid, actually. I guess there were rapes or something in them? I don’t know. The building’s only 3 years old, so it couldn’t have happened a lot.

Anyway, so there’s that 10 minute wait for the elevator. Then there’s the 10 minute wait for the (tiny) elevator in the Walker Building. And sometimes, if I had a class in the Ansin Building (across the street) I had to wait for the crazy Bostonian drivers to decide that they weren’t going to kill me. That’s a good 5 minutes sometimes. And during the Boston Marathon, I couldn’t get out of my building’s front door to save my life.

So before classes started, when I was roaming the streets to find my classes, it took only 5 minutes to get there because the buildings were not flooded with college-aged people who think they’re more indie than everyone. So on the first day of classes, I left my room a 8:15 for my 8:30 class. Little did I know that in all actuality, it would take a good 20 minutes to get to class. Luckily, my professor was late, too.

I enjoy telling you my college stories, haha :)

Comment by wellwell

I wish you the best of luck with settling in. :)

Comment by swaziprincess

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