12 August, 2008, 446 pm
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I hate going to the doctor’s office!  You don’t even know!  And it’s not even because of getting shots or having blood drawn.  I just hate getting weighed.  It makes me feel gross just thinking about it.  And over the past few days, I haven’t even been eating shit.  I’ve been eating loads of fruits and vegetables and beans and very vegan items, and I still weigh more than I normally do.

In fact, I have kept it a pretty fucking dandy secret from everyone that I have been trying the cold turkey/cold tofu whatever three-week method to veganism since August 8th, and it’s great.  I mean, not only do I not feel completely bloated all the time from eating all this over-processed food, but I am full and I am quite content with what I’m eating.  Today specifically, I probably did have a little too much junk, actually.  But I’m firm in my decision.

I just cannot tell my mother because she will flip a shit.  Maybe I could make a slideshow on the benefits of veganism to convince her that this is okay.  Actually, yeah,  I’ll commence with that today.


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I just got back from buck heads! I ate escargot. Take that ms mcfrench.

Comment by wut?!

Escargot is not the epitome of French food. It just happens to be the one French food word that everyone knows.

When do you leave for college?

Comment by indiechouette

I wonder. Are you excited for school? I know that I was basically scared shitless. I don’t know. It was crazy. I had never had so many emotions on my body at once.

And lately, I’ve been having a really hard time. Probably a worse time than I’ve ever had in my life. But like, I’m so depressed, but only in my mind. When I am around people or talk to them, I’m super happy like normal.

I’m hoping that this is because I’m not in Boston. Since I love it there. I’m hoping that the drive back to Boston will be unbearable because I’ll just be wanting to get there faster and faster. I’m hoping that I will be the happiest person alive then we get there, many weeks from now (blah-I wish I was going tomorrow!). I’m hoping it will cure me of my depression immediately.

And for you, I hope that you feel that way, too. I hope that you fall in love with your choice and realize that it’s where you are supposed to be.

(Side story: For a while, I was going to transfer. One side of me said, “C’mon. Do it! Your family can only afford this school by the skin of their teeth and you have no idea what you want to major in or do with your life, anyway! Go to a UMass-you’ll still be in Boston but it’ll be so much cheaper!” but the other side of me said, “Sara. You belong here.” I’m hoping you belong in Richmond because it’s an amazing feeling).

Anyway, I want you to get stressed over packing and making friends and decorating your room and keeping in touch with old friends. Because that’s the college experience. It’s full of stress. But it’s also AWESOME. And in the end, it all falls into place perfectly.

Comment by wellwell

23rd of august.

And I hope not. Honestly, it wasn’t that great. It was bland except for the garlic butter sauce. Slightly chewy, less so than kalamari though. Anyway, I fuckin ate me some snails.

Comment by wut?!

I also feel let down. If you’re going start rockin the big words, at least you can switch food with cuisine.

Comment by wut?!

Props for you for trying it out and seeing how it feels. I hope everything works out!

Comment by swaziprincess

best of luck with the slideshow!!!

Comment by divya

Oh man, Paige. I am so glad you agree with me on number 6. And I know exactly what you mean, about not thinking of your classmates as sexpots (a word that I love, btw). Like, today, my friends from work were seriously, making lists of all the guys they’ve slept with. And I’m really not comfortable with that. At all. I think it’s a private thing that you shouldn’t talk about in that way. In a way like, “Oh, look, I’m a bigger whore than you.” I was actually very uncomfortable. It’s so wrong.

Comment by wellwell

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