Recently, time has been crawling closer and closer to when I planned to go vegan.  I had decided that I either had to be eighteen or in college.  Since college comes first, my initial effort is about a week away.  I’m anxious, though.  I can’t wait to have the freedom to eat whatever I want, and yet I feel completely unprepared.  I know what I can’t eat.  I think the issue is more what I can eat when I’m vegan.

Well, I recently remembered about this gift certificate to the independent bookstore downtown which I’d received as a graduation present from neighbours.  Today, I hit up the shop and browsed titles before I made my decision.  I initially planned on investing in some hardcore Vonnegut or maybe Palahniuk or something, but I normally gravitate to the pop culture section of the store, and you can find Palahniuk and Vonnegut at the library.  This time, I wanted to check out everything to make a wise investment, and I came across a whole section on vegan literature that I had somehow overlooked before!

I went back and forth from book to book–I wanted this one, and then I thought that this one might be a better investment, and then I considered that I don’t generally use cookbooks, even ones for lazy people, so I wanted some hard literature.  I eventually came across one titled Vegan Freak.  The testimony on the back claims that I will find:

-how to easily go vegan in three weeks or less
-the arguments for ethical veganism
-how to get along with family, friends, and others, including other vegetarians
-tons of practical tips for traveling, shopping, and living as a vegan
-tips for surviving the grocery store, restaurants, and dinners with omnivores
-how to respond when people ask you if you “like, live on apples and twigs”

And as if that’s not enough, the authors aren’t afraid to drop the f-bomb AND they listened to fantastic music while writing (see:  Death Cab and the Arcade Fire).

Just thought I’d share.


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that’s SPLENDID!!! ooo. i have a gift card to B&N, and i had no idea what i wanted to buy except books on german and french…maybe if they have vegan freak i’ll get that too. eee.

Comment by divya

You should check it out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have it because it comes from an independent publisher and whatnot.

Comment by indiechouette

I wouldn’t mind reading that sometime.

Comment by Jonathan

Hah. Go enjoy your apples and twigs.

Comment by wut?!

Don’t think of animal products as things that you can’t eat… think of them as things you won’t eat. Big difference

Comment by Fixup

Well, people are often more receptive when you word it as though you can’t. Won’t is often perceived as food snobbery, especially by les parents. You could, but you refuse. I guess for me specifically, it’s that I won’t, so won’t would be the truth, but perhaps I also can’t bring myself to eat these things anymore, so it’s a mix of both.

However, upon thinking about it, I see where you’re coming from, and actually, you’re right. Won’t sends a more powerful message of refusal or that this sort of product will not be tolerated, whereas can’t is more like an allergy or a weakness of some sort. Hmm. Okay. I guess if I’m writing about it, I have to write about it as though I won’t, because that more accurately portrays what I’m trying to say. And if I’m looking to have a meal in a situation where I am forced to go out to eat with people, I should ask for it as though I can’t because it is less snobbery and more of a matter of importance.

Merci for that.

Comment by indiechouette

Also… I met a few religious people who said “I can’t eat [item], because my religion prohibits it” whereas I think vegans should not feel that there is anything they cannot eat because someone else says they cannot eat it… ‘Vegan’ is just a label for people who make a personal choice not to eat some things.

I agree though, that it might be easier/better to say you can’t eat something, if you’re eating out with nonvegans. Even if you have to lie and say that you have a dairy allergy.

Comment by Messenger Of Doom

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