5 August, 2008, 1000 am
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I forgot to tell you about this nice piece of ass.

Once band was over, I turned in my oboe forever.  I mean, I love oboe in music like Sufjan Stevens or Bright Eyes, but I hate playing it.  The reeds that might not work.  The constantly chapped lips.  The weather.  When you play oboe, everything is against you.  A lot of it is my fault for not really trying (for example, in a fit of apathy, I failed to buy any new reeds this school year, so I was using this one shitty La Voz Medium Soft reed for over a year and should have been using a nice Oboe Works Student X one), but I lost interest as soon as I started playing mallets.  And I love mallets.

After a summer as an ex-musician, I began to go crazy and decided I needed an instrument soon.  I thought about buying a bell kit, but good ones cost about $100, I think, and bells are fucking loud.  I typically play xylophone, too, but those are thousands.  So then I thought about buying a keyboard.  I mean, they’re portable, you can turn the volume down, you can wear headphones with them, and they’re also rather durable.  This thought was pushed to the back of my mind, though.  I was set on investing in a $15 bell kit on Amazon that was probably fairly shitty.

Then I was roaming around the Street of Shops with Ali when we saw a keyboard.  Lo and behold!  It was only $40.  The rest is history.

I did not know this when I bought it, but I soon found out that the keys light up when you play!  They turn red.  FUCKING AWESOME.  That’s my best investment ever.  Oh, and for reference, it’s the Casio CTK-520L and I like the first ten sounds plus the vibraphone sound best.

Also, just for shits and giggles, I’m learning to play this song, which is just damn catchy.  I originally acquired it via Rolling Stone’s generous donation of 40 up-and-coming tracks.

Truck | The Octopus Project
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I can relate to losing interest in playing an instrument. I took piano lessons for over 6 years and the thought of playing all the classical songs I had to play makes me cringe, even though I like classical music. Although, I am starting to play again.

Play your heart out. I want to hear it if you bring it to college.

Comment by Jonathan

THE KEYS LIGHT UP1?!?!?!?!?/1

please tell me you’re bringing it when you move in! i gotta see this!!!!

Comment by divya

Oh, yes, I am taking it to college.

Comment by indiechouette

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