4 August, 2008, 1234 pm
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I had a nightmare about college last night.  It was all about being unprepared.  Up until this point, I’ve felt okay about going to college.  Most other kids don’t really know anyone else, and my roommate is in the same boat as I am, not knowing me at all.

In my nightmare, I was basically at Welcome Week, but I had classes on move-in day and I didn’t even have a laptop yet.  So I remember being bogged down with work because certain five-page research papers and other summer assignments were due on the second day of school.  I was wiggin’ out.  I also didn’t really know my way around campus at all, which was extremely unnerving.  I had to guess about everything and nobody was helpful.

Today, I’m going to make a list of things I want to accomplish here in Lewisburg before I go off to college.  And then I will accomplish them.  Yesterday, I already accomplished one of the things on my list.  Later today, I might post a mix.  Depends.


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I think I had dreams like this before every semester! It is like our brains come up with the worst possible scenario, so no matter the little bumps in the road as we adjust to the new situation (and there are always bumps in the road), it isn’t as bad as our worst nightmare!

The reality was that the first few days were like a big party (if I remember correctly they have the freshmen get there a day or two earlier, so that you have a chance to adjust a bit), or maybe like being in a snowbound airport where there are all these people who are strangers (or might know one or two people) and they’re all stuck in the same place, so they find random things to talk about.

And if you don’t feel like talking to people, there will be so much going on no one will notice much, and you’ll be fully entertained people watching.

At least that is my prediction. :)

Good luck! I hope you have a great time as summer vacation winds down, and then as college starts.

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