21 July, 2008, 1259 pm
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I don’t know if you’ll agree with me on this one or not, but I believe that artists should take mature responsibility for their work.  For example, this year in Design in 3-D, I created a pop-up containing a very fat and angry old woman with a tongue and teeth in her stomach, a sad lesbian couple, and a very emotionless deli-working boy.  As far as the artwork goes, I was trying to recreate lines from “Parentheses” by the Blow.  I do not dislike people simply because of the fact that they are larger than myself.  Sometimes insecurities can make people have shitty or disagreeable personalities, though, so if I dislike someone who is larger than myself, it’s because of something like that.  The fat woman in my pop-up was supposed to be disagreeable and evil.  While I did have a lesbian couple, I was not attempting to poke fun at them.  I actually tried to make both of them quite beautiful so that people would take them seriously (though many will think they are just friends).

With that in mind, responsibility for one’s artwork, let’s apply that to a situation.  I was surfing Flickr, and I came across a beautiful set of black-and-white photographs of people’s body parts, arms, bellies, backs, maybe parts that they would be insecure about for one reason or another.  These were mostly skinny people, though, so I suppose they were insecure about their slenderness.  Every photo was labeled by gender.  I was particularly interested because they were all named “You Are So Beautiful.”  And encouragement always makes me smile.

One photograph was of someone’s belly button.  It was a woman’s belly, actually, with some baby fat and jean creases and a freckle and body hair.  This one spoke to me more than the others for one reason or another, so I clicked to get a better look and once I was done admiring, I read the comments.

I’ll sum it up for you.  Someone started with this:

Pretty nice stuff. I think you (she) should shave off the sides of her tummy hair making a narrow and nice “happy trail” from her belly button down. Let’s start a “Happy Trail Club”. Keep up the good work. Koonzkin

This was just some random commenter trying to inject some humour into the situation.  I wanted to see how the photographer responded to this and read on:

god it’s not me! no offence to her lol….but hey maybe I’ll suggest i to her lol.

So the model here decides that she’ll volunteer her body for this set of encouraging photos to help people with insecurities.  The photographer is trying to get an important point across to her viewers that you don’t need to live up to society’s standards of beauty, just your own.  And now that the photographer is this fucking stupid to hastily disclaim that stomach, who do you think will take her seriously?  She doesn’t even believe in the message she’s promoting.

For the record, if I was that photographer, instead of leaving that bad-grammar comment that discredits her as an artist, I would have either refused to respond or admonished the previous commenter for being so disrespectful.  I wouldn’t have clarified as to whose tummy it was or anything.  Because it’s art and it’s also the truth.


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what a butt. it totally makes the encouragement come across as fake. i’d be so pissed if i were the model.

Comment by divya

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