20 July, 2008, 1151 pm
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I hope Divya will like her birfday present, once I get it in the mail.  I think she will, quite a bit.  I said I was going to make her a bag, but I didn’t have a sewing machine, but this…I think in some ways, it says more than a bag does.


I’m just starting to fully realize this curse of cuteness.

Also, I want to invest in a bell set.  I cannot keep doing this.  My keyboard synthesizer thing doesn’t even work because some fucker left it out in the rain, and I feel the need to pound out some notes, but I have no instrument.


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i get a bday present in the mail all the way from PA? lol i’m excited to find out what it is and i’m sure i’ll love it cause it’s from you. thank god you’re gonna be in VA for yours, cause that means i can come home for the weekend right after your bday because it happens to fall on a thursday this year, then find your dorm, and we can party it up.

CURSE of cuteness? do explain sometime…i always thought it was a gift!? unless you mean you’re getting honks from old men and stares from sketchy people at gas stations. cause that isn’t fun.

“I feel the need to pound out some notes, but I have no instrument.” <— awful feeling. AWFUL. that’s what happens to me whenever my violin goes to the shop, because even though i have a much shitter extra violin, it is hardly playable on. i’m sorry your keyboard synthesizer got left in the rain :( but would a keyboard keyboard (haha i don’t know what mine’s called but i have one from forever ago and it’s fun to fiddle around on) work the same way? cause you can totally pound out some notes chez moi when you come over before you move in AND BTW I CAN’T WAIT TO HELP YOU MOVE IN.

Comment by divya

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