24 June, 2008, 1030 pm
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I could be a huge creeper with a hobby like this.  Stencils (besides “shake”) are backwards, obviously.  And I know that Santogold looks nothing like Santogold.  I’m getting better, though.


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ahahha i lovez it.

btw there’s free music on the converse website, partially by santogold. in case you like it?

Comment by divya

I heard Santogold was going to be the opening act for the new Coldplay album’s tour. But I’m not sure if it’s true or not.

Comment by asdfjkl;

how are you doing these? they are really unique and artsy and i like them a lot.

Comment by swaziprincess

Well, all you really have to do is choose a photo you like from the internet or wherever, really, and copy and paste it into Microsoft Word. Then make sure the photo toolbar is up and change it to Black & White. And then you print it out when it’s the size you want it. Then all you need to do is think in positives and negatives and decide whether you want to cut out black parts or white ones. Whichever part you don’t cut out needs to be connected–meaning that you’d have to get creative if you wanted to keep the circle inside an “o”. I got my mom to buy me an X-Acto knife for cutting because it’s a lot easier than using scissors. And then once you’ve got your stencil cut out, you can use it to make tee shirts and whatnot. I’ve failed a few times at making stencils because I’ve cut out white when black would have been better to cut out. But for the most part, it’s so easy and it gets easier as you familiarize yourself with the X-Acto knife. For example, Amelie only took a few minutes.

If you want to do graffiti with the stencils (which I have managed twice), then you can use common spraypaints or even just acrylic paints that are 54 cents each at Wal-Mart. I’ve not used a spraypaint yet because I hear you have to be 18 to buy them.

If you make some stencils, I wanna see photos!

Comment by indiechouette

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